4Shared is HERE!!

Okay, I only got two comments from people saying that they didn’t like Box.net, but I’ve listened and I figured out what was causing the compatibility issues with my computer and 4Shared -I think it was Windows One Care, which I replaced with the Google suite, and other stuff that I already had on the computer, so I’m still virus free, I ran all the checks tonight.

All the files for the mega kit have been uploaded to 4shared!  Here they are:

Brown Papers

Green Papers

Orange Papers

Tan Papers

Yellow Papers


THE BOX DOT NET LINKS ARE STILL ACTIVE!  So download as you like, using whatever provider you prefer!  Cool!

Love ya, leave a blurb if you dl.



Problems with Box.net?

I just had a comment that when a person tried to download my kit, she had a lot of problems with spyware.  This is very concerning to me, as I am paying for Box.net.  Has anybody else had problems?? Please let me know if you have.  This is the first time in over 2,000 downloads from my site that I’ve heard this, and I really hope that hers is an isolated incident somehow because I’d really hate to think that downloading files from my site is causing issues for anyone.  This is all meant to be pleasurable and fun.

Please, please let me know how the service is treating you!!

Thanks and sorry to the person who’s having a problem.  I just sent you the links before I received your second comment, so obviously disregard that..

I feel terrible.

Ich Liebe Es!

(FIRST, if you are looking for Just For The Fall Of It, it’s in yesterday’s post, just scroll down.  But you probably want to read this first, there’s a freebie involved!)

That’s the McDonald’s catch phrase in Germany. Slang for I’m Lovin’ It! And that is what I’m doing, loving this! I’ve got so much company here on my blog during Just For The Fall Of It. Hooray! I think I have more hits today than all of the other days I’ve been online combined. The only problem is that everybody is stopping by, but nobody is saying, “Hi!” Bummer.

Also, I really want to see layouts made with my stuff. I want to see how you dress my babies up. So here’s the deal. Send me links to your layouts using my stuff and I’ll choose a winner and give them a gift certificate for at least $5 from Just For The Scrap Of It. I think I’ll also make an exclusive freebie for everybody who enters. Okay, I’m making this up as I go along. LOL! Here’s what’s going to happen. You send me a LO link by… um.. next Friday, and I’ll send you some kind of freebie mini kit that I’m going to make over the weekend, and this will be exclusive to people who enter the contest. If, someday, I start selling my stuff, I reserve the right to incorporate your exclusive freebie into something for sale, but I will only give it away FREE to people who send me layout links within the next week. In addition to that (as if it wasn’t enough! LOL!) the winner will get the $5 gift cert to Just For The Scrap Of It.

Ich Liebe that idea! Oh, by the way, McDonald’s in Germany totally tastes better than it does here. The meat is better. I know there are others out there who have been to Europe and can back me up on this.

In real life news, I wanted to share this exchange with you between Atha and her daddy yesterday afternoon. Vince was putting ribbons on his Class A Uniform (his dress greens, for those not in the know). Here’s what happened:

Atha: OH! Daddy, that’s a great unicorn!

Vince: Thanks, Honey. That’s uniform, not unicorn.

Atha: Well, that’s a great uniform. You have a lot of ribbons on your uniform. Thanks for all your help!

Vince and Andrea: (stunned silence)

Now where did that come from? The “thanks for all your help” part?? She’s 2 1/2, remember. Kids are mysteries, aren’t they?

Then she put on his hat and boots and danced around.

Friday Came Early!!

JFTFOI preview

Here it is! The moment you’ve been waiting for! Sorry if you were here earlier looking for my part of the mega kit and didn’t find it, apparently there was a little bit of confusion about when we were posting, and, well, no worries, here it is now, in all its mega glory, the Just For The Fall Of It Mega multi blog event! Visit all the blogs below and you’ll have a stoopid amount of great goodies suitable for all your scrapping needs from brand new designers!  Actually, if you do visit one of the blogs and they don’t have their kit up yet, just come back tomorrow, that’s when we were originally supposed to put everything up.  We got a little excited, sorry!

Here’s a cool blinkie that shows you the whole kit.  I think Rose made the blinkie, I’m not sure, but it will show you all of what you can get.  full preview

Go here:
Colie, Fayth , JaydensMama , MutChip, Poppy , RoseMcDigital , and
AmandaG .

And download mine in the side bar widget or by clicking on the preview, as always.

NOW, go forth young scrapper and enjoy!!

Two if by air

I started working on this LO in the middle of the night while I was trying to put Jenny back to sleep and ended up working on it for like an hour after she was asleep. Then, at 7 when we got up for the day I was back at it, and now it’s 10:30 and I’m done. I’ve had this idea in my head since before Jay told me I could be on her team, and when I saw Heather’s kit I knew it was the right one for the background. It came out more or less just like I wanted it to, except for the middle, there’s a richness there that’s missing, and I couldn’t make it happen but I decided to quit trying because I like it this way, and if I kept trying to make it perfect, either PSP was going to crash and I’d lose what I had, or I was going to ruin it completely and end up trashing it. Anyway, I love it, and am about to go post it everywhere.


I used Heather Manning’s Dirt Don’t Hurt papers (my RAK from yesterday!) and her alphabet is there, too.
The Altered Faerie, girl’s wings and the Fresh Foliage elements are by Alabama Stone Thrower. Bugs, gravel and faerie dust are stock PSP tubes.

The green “TWO” font is respress capitals medium, and the white “If by air” font is rickles

I have a question about potty training. A few weeks ago, Atha sat up in bed and said, “I want to go pee pee in the potty.” She’s 2 1/2, and I was delighted because she had gotten pretty upset every time I’d suggested it before. So we started going every hour or so, I was giving her stickers and mini marshmallows when she peed, and a cupcake and a Mickey Mouse sticker the one time she pooped, and I was just so happy that finally she was ready.


Vince got back from Pennsylvania, and she quit. Ever since he got back, she is right back where she was. I suggest that she try to go pee pee on the potty, and she starts crying. Once in awhile, she’ll say she wants to go, and then when she’s sitting there she’ll talk about wanting 5 stickers and 5 marshmallows etc, but then she doesn’t go. I don’t get it. I’m sick of having two in diapers. But speaking of diapers, Target diapers rule.

I almost forgot today’s breast cancer fact. Looks like we need to get away from the computer and get some exercise. A sedentary lifestyle contributes to your breast cancer risk. Here’s a quote from Komen.org “Though not all the studies of exercise and breast cancer have had consistent results, women who are physically active on a regular basis seem to have an approximately 20 percent lower risk (0.8 relative risk) of the disease compared to women who aren’t active regularly.” Bummer. One more reason I really need to get on my feet.

Hey, come back tomorrow, it’s going to be huge! The ultra super mega multi blog Autumn bonanza blowout is coming! You do not want to miss it!!

It’s Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday And that means Wacky Wednesday over at Karla’s shop.  So just as soon as you are done downloading my freebie, run down to Karla’s Kaleidoscope and snag some stuff for sofa change.  Click on her graphic to get there.

And, yes I have a freebie for you, dear reader.  Just wait.

So I had a comment today from Diane at Carjazi Scraps asking if she could list my freebies on her blog and I said Heck Yeah! How nice is that? You should check out her blog, she lists freebies there and I know how you love freebies!  Stop by and say Hi to her!  She also gave me the coolest RAK!  It is ALL OF HEATHER MANNING’S Dirt Don’t Hurt kit, which I was trying hard not to buy and now I don’t have to.  I AM the winner!  I’m so excited to use it, I’m going to have to tell my hubby that I’m sorry, I can’t come out of this room tonight.  Oh but there’s a lot of fall tv on tonight.. Ugh, if only I didn’t have to do things like laundry I’d have a lot more time for what’s important!

Speaking of TV last night, hands up, who saw House?  I just love that man, I’ve been a Hugh Laurie fan for years now, ever since I used to watch Blackadder and Jeeves & Wooster on PBS.  He’s the coolest, and sexy with his guitar, don’t ya know?  Don’t tell my husband that, he’d burst a blood vessel since he’s convinced that whenever he takes out his guitar I love him just a little less.  He’s wrong, by the way, I don’t hate his guitar(s), it’s just that.. well.. I don’t know, he zones out when he plays guitar, and I get bored because it’s like he’s just a big radio for all the interaction I get, and well.. House.  It was great.  I hope you either saw it or have a friend who DVR’d it.

I saw that I’ve been listed on Stumble Upon under the Cancer heading, which is curious, I wonder who did that?  Anyway, that’s cool, I’ll just give you a daily breast cancer fact from now through October.  Here’s today’s act:  Your chances of contracting breast cancer in your lifetime are ONE in EIGHT.  That’s right.  When you go to the PTA, or your church women’s group, or the club or wherever women gather, look around you and think about that.  So if there are thirty-two women there,  chances are that FOUR of you will likely either get it, have had it, or are fighting it (whether you know it or not) right now.  Your age is a major determining factor.  At 20, your chance of getting it is 1 in 1,985.  But if you are getting up near 40, like me, your chances are 1 in 68. (Source: American Cancer Society Surveillance Research, 2005 courtesy of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation)  Check the girls!  And feel free to snag my blinkie, it’s in the side bar.

Okay, you’ve lasted this long, here’s your payoff.  I sat down and made some more stuff for Friday’s super duper mega bonanza and decided to release it as ANOTHER sampler.  Make sure you check back on Friday, Just For The Fall of It is going to be amazing.  I think there are 7 of us?  8 maybe?  who are participating in this.  We were just going to make minis, but everybody got carried away.  I now have 16 papers (after you dl today, and if you dl’d earlier in the week, you will have 5 of them) and a generous handful of elements, and that’s just me!  So do come back on Friday for the big kit, and I’ll direct you to the other ladies who have their freebies up, and you will be rolling in the Fall goodness!  Also, there are still a couple of days left to join in the fun over at Just For The Scrap Of It!  You can join the So You Think You Can Design contest with us, we are already having a blast and it hasn’t even started yet!

Okay, here’s your schwag!  Click on the preview to go to Box.net, or go to the widget in the side bar.  From the widget you can access either of the samplers, this one is number 2. Also, remember if you have missed any of my freebies, they are still available by clicking on the preview.  If you dl it, let me know how you like it.  I’m working on a nice gift for folks who shoot me the links to LO’s they’ve done with my stuff,I would be tickled pink to see it!

Watch out for Wacky Wednesday!

Hey, everybody, I just found out that Karla is having a SEVENTY-FIVE percent off sale on Wednesday. She’s calling it Wacky Wednesday. Karla has some amazing stuff, including one of my favorite kits ever, Backyard Buganza. Here are some LO’s I did with that one:

Click on the photos for full credits, but I didn’t use very much else besides the kit for those. I know I got the name tapes from Atomic Cupcake. Anyway, she designs really interesting stuff with great saturated colors, it’s awesome, you should go check her out on Weds, it’ll be a steal. I use the butterflies from this one all the time. They are my favorite butterflies!

Go see her site here.