Siblings for Life… friends forever? We’ll start with siblings.

I entered this in the GottaPixel Sept element challenge (word art) and the goDigitalScrapbooking technique challenge (clustered elements).  Plus, it’s a CT layout for Karla.  Have you seen her Denim and Diamonds Mega kit?  It’s the ultimate girl kit, and there are a lot of girls kits out there!  I love it, it’s huge, and it is PINK!

Word art says “Siblings for Life, Friends Forever.” and it’s by Kathryn Estry over at GottaPixel. I have chosen to take an ironic turn this month, because I really like this photo.  I’ve used it before, but hey, it’s my picture and I’ll use it if I want to!

Every single thing is right from Karla’s Kaleidoscope Denim and Diamonds kit, the only modification I made was to resize some things and I erased the messy edges from the smaller matte.  Oh and I chiseled the word art so you can see it.


2 Responses

  1. What a great LO and the photo is a classic!

  2. Hey, guess what? Thanks for all your names, they are great. You can have a hand drawn diva all your own!!

    Just let me know what you want, okay?

    Super hugs.

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