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Jenny Bees Mini Kit part three, Glowy Bees

Well, here’s part three of my mini kit for little Jenny, who is still not sleeping, my friends. Maybe I should have made her kit all wavy lines and coffee colored, I don’t know. WHY WHY WHY won’t she sleep? And it’s not like she sleeps all day either, she just takes one or two naps, an hour long, maybe. Atha was the same way, but I breastfed her till she was 18 months old and my milk dried up because I was pregnant with Jenny. Jenny never tolerated my breast milk very well, so I only made it to four months with her. Could have tried harder to figure out what in my diet wasn’t working for her, but, well, I was tired! LOL Anyway, that squashes the myth that formula fed babies sleep better than breastfed ones, both my girls are exactly the same in the sleep dept. I suppose I can cheer myself with the idea that this lack of sleep will only last for another year. Just one more year of not sleeping. I can handle that. At that point I’d better rest up, because with two girls less than two years apart I know I have many sleepless nights in my future!

Oh, hey, here’s one more really cool thing I want to share with you before we get to the freebie. Karin over at An Illustrated Journey is drawing me a diva! How sweet is that?! She was looking for a name for her second diva, and I just saw her and decided she was a Greek goddess and suggested a bazillion names, figuring she’d be like, “this chick is a pest, I get it with the Greek goddesses!” and anyway, she did NOT feel that way, in fact she was thankful, and is making me one. I’m just tickled pink! So watch this space, she’ll get headline billing when she gets here.

Okay, thanks for sticking with me, and here is part three. This was originally going to be just a three parter, but I just got a whole lot of new scripts, so I made some more stuff, so who knows, we may end up with a full sized kit, who knows. This is part of the kit is called Glowy Bees, and now that I think of it, it is kind of how the inside of my skull feels right now on zero sleep! ***Sigh**** I really wanted to make it to church this morning, but I’d be a hazard on the road, maybe I should wait till DH gets home and can stay up all night next Saturday with Jenny. That’ll be a treat for him, eh?

Oh, I was going to give you a freebie, okay here it is. Let me know what you think of the weird little frame I made. I’m not sure how I feel about it, to be honest with you. I think it kind of looks like it came from outer space:

glowy bees preview

Click on the preview or the widget. Ta!


4 Responses

  1. So sorry your little one isn’t sleeping!

    Very nice texture on the paper!

  2. Your mini kit is very nice! I have no sleep advice for you. My baby boy was up from 12:30 am to 2 am this morning. . . we just hung out in the living room and I let him play until he was tired. LOL. I did get some scrappin’ done though!

  3. My 3 all have had sleep problems.My last one is 3 years old and will only stay on a schedual a week or two at a time.most of the time that involves sleeping late and staying up late.And all the advice in the world doesn’t help getting a determined toddler to sleep.So heres to you mommy for all that you do~~Anne

  4. Your frame is so cute! Thank you for sharing your time and hard work with us.

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