UPLOAD!!! UPLOAD!!! (and a freebie too!)

Handmade papers preview

Okay, I was working hard on this li’l freebie (actually, it’s a pretty good freebie, if I do say so myself!) until like 12:30 last night, and if you’ve read any of my earlier posts, you know that sleep is an issue for me, so, you know I was on a roll, if I was giving up sleep. I was up for about 45 minutes after Jenny fell asleep, and the whole time I just kept thinking, “This is madness!” but I wanted to just get it packaged and up before I went to bed. So finally it was ready, and I went to box.net to upload it and BAM-it terminated my connection. That happens sometimes on my system, if I try to upload too large of a file, the system will reset. Okay, I figured I’d need to break it down into two files. I went to bed.

First thing in the morning (this was about 7), I made two folders and attempted to upload them and same thing. I got bumped offline. However, Incredimail still worked. Go figure. Whatever. I even tried to set up another 4shared account, and the same thing happened. When I set up the account in Firefox, then try to access it in IE, 4shared says I have no account. SOMEBODY give a sister a break. Why does this happen to me? Thousands of people use 4shared every day with no problems.

But enough complaining! Finally I got if fixed, and the freebie is yours for the taking! It contains three folders now. But all of this playing around trying to upload it had me thinking: it’s too beige. You may not be able to make a nice LO with it because there’s so little contrast. I made a couple of cute elements that will stand out, but the deckle edged journal mat, of which I am particularly fond, would not stand out on either background. So I am already hard at work on a blue add-on. Is there such a thing as an add-on to a mini kit? Let’s just call it part two! Making handmade style papers is fun, and challenging.

Speaking of challenges, I should find out today if I made it to round III in the Supreme Team competition. Fingers crossed! There were some dynamite LO’s this time around, and the kit was so outside of what I would usually pick (It’s a beautiful kit, don’t get me wrong, it’s just not up my regular alley) that I would not be at all surprised if I get eliminated. And speaking of eliminations, last time I checked on my Best Photo there at gDS, I had zero votes. BOO HOO! Oh well. May the best scrapper win! In case you are in the mood to make me smile, here’s the link to vote for my photo.
Although you will see that there are some incredible photos. I’m fond of MaggieMae’s sunset, and “Love Made them Sisters” gives me the warm fuzzies.

Oh, and scroll down to see the LO I posted yesterday, okay? I love it, and Jay (The Alabama Stone Thrower) told me that this is exactly what she wanted for her little altered faeries, so I was super honored.

Okay, that’s it for today, I think. I may try to work on the double LO spread I keep trying to do for GottaPixels double LO challenge this month. The challenge is clustered elements, which normally I don’t have a problem with (though I’m no Blushbutter, the CLUSTER QUEEN) but for some reason, I am having serious problems with this. I have two photos I want to use, one of Jenny a few days ago making a funny face, and one of Atha at 8 months making a funny face and I really want to finish it because I think it will be really cute for them later, but it just won’t come to me, so it’s tabled.

AND I have to make a roast today because my sweet sweet Vinnie is coming home from Pennsylvania tonight. I miss that man!

I’d better quit typi


9 Responses

  1. Beautiful freebie and I love the layout you did with the fairies in the woods.

  2. Great looking freebie!

    Challenges are so fun–I need to start making time for them again!

  3. Wow, all that hard work just so you could give it to us, your the best. I’m off to peek at your layouts and the challenge you were talknig about. 😉

  4. thanks so much for sharing

  5. Lovely looking kit! I can’t wait to get it DLed!

  6. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing! xoxoxoxo

  7. Thank you very much! That is fancy!

  8. grazie è bellissimo

  9. FABULOUS!!…Thank you so very much for sharing this neat little kit!!

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