Wow, I’m so excited…

My Bluegrass mini is up at Ikea Goddess! I was wondering why so many people had stopped by my li’l modest blog, and that’s why. She lists such nice stuff, I feel so honored to be in such prestigious company! Makes me feel like I’d better keep working hard!

I did a LO today, but I can’t share it with you, because it was for Stand Up and Scrap. I hadn’t really searched that kit yet before today, and it is amazing! Beautiful, beautiful beautiful! If you aren’t participating in the challenge, you should go over to Little Dreamer and get it anyway. I feel like doing these LO’s I’m going to be spending more time looking at the papers than anything else. Some of the papers in that kit, you could just hang on the wall as-is.

I also made my very first blinkie. Here it is: my blinkie
I think it’s okay for a first attempt, I’ll get better as time goes by. I think, and you can correct me if I’m wrong, but the key to smoothness is just to have a bazillion images. I’ll have to play around when I have the time.

Yeah, right. Time.

Does anybody have a really good tut for making silver wire? I don’t like the pin on the hatpin in the Bluegrass kit, and so today I was playing around trying to make it look rounder and real-er. I did okay, but I still want to play more. If somebody knows a good PSP tut for it, I’d be so happy!

Also today I got an invite to join a new Yahoo group today called Scrap For The Cure . The idea is to raise breast cancer awareness, as well as some other causes that they pick each month. This month it’s lung cancer. I lost an aunt to lung cancer, so I was going to design a mini around the ribbon color for that, which is pearl. But I ended up with very showy pink. I have two papers, one that’s kind of satiny and one that’s kind of velvety. I think a blinged out pink ribbon is in order, as well as some happy flowers. I’ll probably have that up for you tomorrow.

But for now, I needs my sleep! Thanks for stopping by!


3 Responses

  1. The blinged out pink ribbon would be awesome and I think your blinkie looks great, I can’t even get to the square part.

  2. I saw your mini on Ikeagoddess site. Congrats! Good louck on your Stand Up & Scrap too!

  3. WOW – That was your FIRST attempt at a blinkie? That came out GREAT!!!!

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