Just For The Fall Of It

Do you know about the design contest at Just For The Scrap of it?  I think it would be cool for a bazillion people to enter it, but on the other hand, I hope they don’t because the more people enter it, the less chance that I’ll win, but.. well.  Anyway, I’m in it, and it starts in October.  This month, other contestants and I were chatting on the boards about how we were feeling excited and impatient for it to start, and we decided to make our own super mega kit while we were waiting.  There are a couple of previews up on the boards, and let me tell you, this thing is going to be amazing.  Seems nobody could stop at a mini kit, so it is going to be HUGE, too!

As for me, I made 12 papers, but only a handfull of elements.  I was loving the way the papers came out, so I just repeated a theme on four different colors in the swatch we had.  But none of them are cookie cutters, they are all different.  Anyway, here’s my preview for the full kit:

JFTFOI preview

I love the elements I made, and I made some cool beads too, but didn’t end up using them.  So watch out, they may make a later appearance!  Anyway, I don’t want you to walk away empty handed, so I’m giving you a little preview to get you excited for the real thing later on.  I’m giving you two papers, one plain-ish and one very patterned, plus the nifty glitter stars overlay.  Here’s the preview of the sampler:

Sampler preview

If you download it, please let me know what you think, because I would love the input.

THANKS everybody!  See you tomorrow!


13 Responses

  1. thanks so much the kit looks beautiful

  2. the kit looks fabulous. Thank you for sharing the two papers with us – I love the swirly one! It took me forever to work out how to download it – when I hovered over the pic it said ‘box’and I didn’t know that was a download place – but I clicked it eventually and had no probs downloading – lol

  3. Beautiful. Thanks.

  4. What a great color palette. I really like the frame you designed: it’s a nice change from all the brown and white ones you see everywhere.

  5. Love the name you’ve chosen for it. Great colors. Good luck with your contest.

  6. Thanks so much! Lovely!

  7. Very nice…..thanks so much

  8. TY so very much for your wonderful creations!!!

  9. What an awesome kit – you’ve worked really hard to create such a wonderful selection of papers and elements. Great job!!
    And this sampler gives us a mouthwatering taste of what’s to come and I love it – especially the starry paper. In fact I adore the star theme throughout your kit as it makes it more versatile.
    Many thanks for sharing your incredible designs with us all.
    Hugs and Blessings. 🙂 Mo

  10. My favorites are the papers. The colors and designs are gorgeous!

  11. thank you so much!

  12. I love blog parties. A great way to get to know new designers. Love this kit! TY so much. The papers are great!

  13. Thanks so much!

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