Two if by air

I started working on this LO in the middle of the night while I was trying to put Jenny back to sleep and ended up working on it for like an hour after she was asleep. Then, at 7 when we got up for the day I was back at it, and now it’s 10:30 and I’m done. I’ve had this idea in my head since before Jay told me I could be on her team, and when I saw Heather’s kit I knew it was the right one for the background. It came out more or less just like I wanted it to, except for the middle, there’s a richness there that’s missing, and I couldn’t make it happen but I decided to quit trying because I like it this way, and if I kept trying to make it perfect, either PSP was going to crash and I’d lose what I had, or I was going to ruin it completely and end up trashing it. Anyway, I love it, and am about to go post it everywhere.


I used Heather Manning’s Dirt Don’t Hurt papers (my RAK from yesterday!) and her alphabet is there, too.
The Altered Faerie, girl’s wings and the Fresh Foliage elements are by Alabama Stone Thrower. Bugs, gravel and faerie dust are stock PSP tubes.

The green “TWO” font is respress capitals medium, and the white “If by air” font is rickles

I have a question about potty training. A few weeks ago, Atha sat up in bed and said, “I want to go pee pee in the potty.” She’s 2 1/2, and I was delighted because she had gotten pretty upset every time I’d suggested it before. So we started going every hour or so, I was giving her stickers and mini marshmallows when she peed, and a cupcake and a Mickey Mouse sticker the one time she pooped, and I was just so happy that finally she was ready.


Vince got back from Pennsylvania, and she quit. Ever since he got back, she is right back where she was. I suggest that she try to go pee pee on the potty, and she starts crying. Once in awhile, she’ll say she wants to go, and then when she’s sitting there she’ll talk about wanting 5 stickers and 5 marshmallows etc, but then she doesn’t go. I don’t get it. I’m sick of having two in diapers. But speaking of diapers, Target diapers rule.

I almost forgot today’s breast cancer fact. Looks like we need to get away from the computer and get some exercise. A sedentary lifestyle contributes to your breast cancer risk. Here’s a quote from “Though not all the studies of exercise and breast cancer have had consistent results, women who are physically active on a regular basis seem to have an approximately 20 percent lower risk (0.8 relative risk) of the disease compared to women who aren’t active regularly.” Bummer. One more reason I really need to get on my feet.

Hey, come back tomorrow, it’s going to be huge! The ultra super mega multi blog Autumn bonanza blowout is coming! You do not want to miss it!!


3 Responses

  1. Wonderful layout and I love what you did with it. aaaahhh Potty training. I had one child to do that with and for some reason, he was very good at it. And I had always heard boys were the worse, but he was great. Good luck

  2. Wonderful LO.

  3. GORGEOUS LO, Andrea .. I love your imagination when it comes to making layouts … More dragon story soon??

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