Ich Liebe Es!

(FIRST, if you are looking for Just For The Fall Of It, it’s in yesterday’s post, just scroll down.  But you probably want to read this first, there’s a freebie involved!)

That’s the McDonald’s catch phrase in Germany. Slang for I’m Lovin’ It! And that is what I’m doing, loving this! I’ve got so much company here on my blog during Just For The Fall Of It. Hooray! I think I have more hits today than all of the other days I’ve been online combined. The only problem is that everybody is stopping by, but nobody is saying, “Hi!” Bummer.

Also, I really want to see layouts made with my stuff. I want to see how you dress my babies up. So here’s the deal. Send me links to your layouts using my stuff and I’ll choose a winner and give them a gift certificate for at least $5 from Just For The Scrap Of It. I think I’ll also make an exclusive freebie for everybody who enters. Okay, I’m making this up as I go along. LOL! Here’s what’s going to happen. You send me a LO link by… um.. next Friday, and I’ll send you some kind of freebie mini kit that I’m going to make over the weekend, and this will be exclusive to people who enter the contest. If, someday, I start selling my stuff, I reserve the right to incorporate your exclusive freebie into something for sale, but I will only give it away FREE to people who send me layout links within the next week. In addition to that (as if it wasn’t enough! LOL!) the winner will get the $5 gift cert to Just For The Scrap Of It.

Ich Liebe that idea! Oh, by the way, McDonald’s in Germany totally tastes better than it does here. The meat is better. I know there are others out there who have been to Europe and can back me up on this.

In real life news, I wanted to share this exchange with you between Atha and her daddy yesterday afternoon. Vince was putting ribbons on his Class A Uniform (his dress greens, for those not in the know). Here’s what happened:

Atha: OH! Daddy, that’s a great unicorn!

Vince: Thanks, Honey. That’s uniform, not unicorn.

Atha: Well, that’s a great uniform. You have a lot of ribbons on your uniform. Thanks for all your help!

Vince and Andrea: (stunned silence)

Now where did that come from? The “thanks for all your help” part?? She’s 2 1/2, remember. Kids are mysteries, aren’t they?

Then she put on his hat and boots and danced around.


One Response

  1. First, thanks for your part of the Just for the Fall of It kit. Second, the unicorn/uniform story is priceless. Thanks for sharing it with us. 🙂

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