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I just had a comment that when a person tried to download my kit, she had a lot of problems with spyware.  This is very concerning to me, as I am paying for  Has anybody else had problems?? Please let me know if you have.  This is the first time in over 2,000 downloads from my site that I’ve heard this, and I really hope that hers is an isolated incident somehow because I’d really hate to think that downloading files from my site is causing issues for anyone.  This is all meant to be pleasurable and fun.

Please, please let me know how the service is treating you!!

Thanks and sorry to the person who’s having a problem.  I just sent you the links before I received your second comment, so obviously disregard that..

I feel terrible.


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  1. Awesome creation, thanks 2 all for time and talent, and gift to give.

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