4Shared is HERE!!

Okay, I only got two comments from people saying that they didn’t like Box.net, but I’ve listened and I figured out what was causing the compatibility issues with my computer and 4Shared -I think it was Windows One Care, which I replaced with the Google suite, and other stuff that I already had on the computer, so I’m still virus free, I ran all the checks tonight.

All the files for the mega kit have been uploaded to 4shared!  Here they are:

Brown Papers

Green Papers

Orange Papers

Tan Papers

Yellow Papers


THE BOX DOT NET LINKS ARE STILL ACTIVE!  So download as you like, using whatever provider you prefer!  Cool!

Love ya, leave a blurb if you dl.



4 Responses

  1. I didn’t have any Box net problems….just got your beautiful creations. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Thank you…appreciate all of your hard work on these!!

  3. Thanks!! Cant wait to have fun with this!!

  4. I am a NEWBIE to digital scrapbooking and am having so much fun. Thank you for the download. I’m excited to make a LO. 🙂

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