So much to tell you!

With all this designing madness I have ignored the nuts and bolts of the place. I badly need to update my blogroll, and Diane and Fayth have both been supercool and nominated me with stuff, and Karla’s having this amazing chat, and I want you to come to the Breast Cancer Awareness crop and COME DO MY CHALLENGES! ****************breathing**************

Ugh, let’s take this one thing at a time. I’m kind of a caffeinated mess today. Atha fell asleep at 8 last night, which is too early for her by like 2 hours, so naturally she was up 3 1/2 hours early this morning. She joined us in bed at about 4, right as Jenny was also waking up. Let me also add that Vince and I only have a full sized bed. It worked well for us for a long time, because we move a lot being military, and sometimes we have a pretty small bedroom. Plus, Vince is on the shy side of 5’8″, and I am a wee 5’3″, and together we weigh about 320 lbs (but I’m not going to break that down for you, LOL). Anyway, our little bed was quite large enough until two little girls decided they wanted to be in there at the same time. *sigh* So I got up with Jenny and came in here and sat with her for awhile. About 1/2 hour later, I brought her back to her crib (which is in our bedroom) and found Vince on the phone. They had activated the alert roster. That’s basically just a phone chain that they test from time to time to test soldier’s readiness. Anyway, so he was on the phone calling guys in his team, and Atha was wide awake. I put Jenny down, but Atha wanted to pet my hair, which is her security blanket. I thought I could get away from that by cutting most of it off, but as long as there’s hair, she’s there! LOL. Vince had to get up at 5 anyway, but he elected to go back to sleep for the 15 minutes he had left, and you know how it is, ladies, he sets the alarm clock so we will wake up and wake them up. SOOOOOO anyway, I didn’t sleep much, but have found myself with a lot to do, so… I just made more coffee.

Okay, first things first, COME DO MY CHALLENGES over at Just for the Scrap of it!!! Please! This month I am hosting the Art and Soul challenge, where we are using Georgia O’Keefe’s Falling Leaves as our inspiration. That, or you are given the option to use art created by breast cancer survivors. You get this layered template for your particpation:

I’m also hosting the lyrical challenge there, where we are scrapping SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE by REM. C’mon, I know I’m not the only one out there who remembers that song and can’t help loving it!!

I just made this silly (yet undoubtedly shiny and happy) promo for that challenge. I’m a lyrics kind of gal, and really want this challenge to take off!

Okay, if you do one of these challenges, or BOTH, shoot me a comment here at the blog and I will cook up something extra special for you, how’s about that?!?! I would do it, if I were you!

Alright, I know you love freebies, well check this out:

Yep you read that correctly, THIRTY elements. Can I get a woot?

Alright. *sip sip* more coffee! I need to update my blogroll, and two people at the top of it are gonna be Diane aka Carjazi and Fayth. They are among the select few people who actually READ my blog- actually, they may be the ONLY people who actually read my blog LOL! Diane shot me the award, and Fayth shot me the . Now I have to work on my nominations for the same. I’ll have to get back to you all with this.. but also I am working on a special something for these two ladies. Not gonna be much, I will warn you, but I hope it will make you smile!

Okay, I’m going to post this before I spend all day with it open, and will come back and fill stuff in as time allows. Today I have to finish the next page in my Atha and the Dragon story, it’s been sitting on my hard drive just waiting for me to come along and fill in the text. I also want to do some layouts.

Off to the WC. Too much coffee!!!


2 Responses

  1. I can relate to movng in a military family. I went to 3 different 3rd grade schools when my dad was in the military.

  2. I love to read your blog. Thanks for the shout out again. I will try to make it over to one of your challenges. I love that Georgia OKeefe print, it’s one of my faves. I can’t imagine a full bed anymore, lol. Not with my dogs. But I can understand why, any furniture is a pain to move.
    Have a great day!

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