UGH worthless day

Well that’s not entirely true. I did my LO for stand up, but although I like it, I’m getting the kind of comments that I associate with people just kind of liking something, or when you’re really searching for something nice to say.. LOL. Oh well. SO that’s kind of discouraging. It set the tone for a just kind of down creative day. I was going to do some CT LO’s but I decided not to. I like the kits I’m working with too much to do that to them. I did make a blinkie for my two favorite blog readers, Diane and Fayth. I’ve been working on a mini for them too.. but.. slow going, ya know? Grr. Here’s the blinkie: And the blinkie is not blinking. Why. Maybe it will in the actual post. What a day. I’m not depressed, just.. nothing.

Okay, Jenny just crawled out in the hall so I’d better go get her. Vince went to McDonalds for dinner because I was not feeling inspired to make anything good for dinner either. You know what kind of a day it is? It a no-go Mojo day. Where I just feel like I’m barely fit to read Memory Makers. You know?

Tomorrow I’ll be on fire, you watch.

Oh, I did just join My BlogLog, and they say the widget will work on wordpress, so look for it in the side bar. I clicked on it on Yen’s blog, isn’t she just the cutest most talented about to hatch preggo person who’s blog you’ve ever read? Not to put down any other talented, cute, ready to hatch preggos LOL. I think I’ll nominate her with the There! That’s one! Yay.

Okay, I’m outtttt. Tomorrow I HOPE to be back with a new freebie! It’s all about maps. Fun fun!

Something is up and I can’t edit my widgets.  I wonder it this was the same malady with which the Unicorn blog was afflicted yesterday which caused me to not be able to edit that blog all day.  Hmmmmm.


3 Responses

  1. Aren’t you just the sweetest! The blinkie rocks! Thank you so much. I’m having one of those days myself. Hope yours gets better too. Well there’s always tomorrow.

    Have a great one!

  2. sweet thing!!!! Thank your for that compliments! 😀 And glad you joined MyBlogLog! 😀


  3. awww! I love that blinkie, ty so much!! You are so sweet!!

    Just remember we all have our scrappers block days where creativity just isnt flowing! Believe me, it’s about every 2 out of 3 days for me. I’m sure your LO was awesome anyways!!

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