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An Ugh day to an ARGH night!

Vince has food poisoning.

Yesterday when he got home from work he was not feeling well, and I have to admit that right up to about bedtime I figured he was suffering from a bad case of Man-itis.  You know what I mean!  He was just whining and moaning about how sick he felt, and I was getting him water and secretly thinking, “Yeah, you like this, try _______” fill in the blank.  Having a period, being pregnant, childbirth, catching a virus from the baby and then having to take care of the baby when you yourself are sick as a dog.  Etc.  Funny how men can be so strong and then just fall apart when their tummies ache.

However, at about 2:30 am I awoke to just awful sounds.  He was on the pot, holding the trash can in front of him, and just sweating.  Poor fella!!!  This being the Army, he can’t just call in sick like the rest of society, he needs documentation.  So I woke up Quinn and had him drive Vince to the hospital figuring they’d hook him up to an IV, which is another Army thing- giving fluids.  Quinn dropped Vince off, I stayed home with the girls.  Jenny was wide awake at this point, which is the down side of having her sleep in the bedroom.  But no sooner did Quinn get home but Vince was calling saying they were done with him.   They gave him some sort of a magic pill which seems to have worked because he’s been free of vomit and diarrhea since.

However I’m on no sleep, and both girls are super cranky.  Currently, Jenny is only happy if she is actively climbing on me and grinding her teeth at the same time.

Such is being a mom.

First thing this morning after I quit pretending to sleep and finally got up with Jenny, I checked my email and saw that CanDee has a new freebie, and I always love her freebies.  So I went to her blog and read this amazing post she has there about all the nonsense she’s been going through lately, and the redemptive power of mornings, and it just made me feel really warm.  Therefore, I am giving her the I love your blog award!  I am going to give these awards as I feel like it instead of all at once, and I reserve the right to give them out as many times as I want!  Ha ha!!

I’m coming along with the Maps freebie as well as the Boyerville Loves You freebie for Fayth and Diane, just wait, I’ll probably have them later today.


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  1. Sorry your guy is sick and that meant no sleep for you. Hope you day goes better. Just stopping by to say hi.


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