11 Months

I didn’t realize unitl I was adding the dates to this photo, that Vince was gone for exactly 11 months. That’s a long time for a little girl, but she remained truly Daddy’s girl throughout.

I used the True Love kit by Triveni designs for Just For The Scrap Of It
font is Curly Cue

I did this for a member sponsored challenge at Make it Scrappy – the theme of which was Those Who Serve, and goodness knows I have a hard drive full of photos that would work for that.  I like the way it ended up with these two together.

I also made it fit for the current 3F challenge at 3Scrapateers.  I love that challenge, being as how I love frames and fonts.

Speaking of fonts, I just bought myself some fonts at Font Diner.  That’s where I got my title font, which is Font Diner sparkly.

Right now Vince and Atha are at the Oktoberfest carnival here on post, which he called home to tell me cost them EIGHTEEN DOLLARS EACH for their armbands.  C’mon now, Atha is only 2 1/2, and is not “this tall” (hold your hand up off the ground, as if you are a sign at a carnival).  I told him that he’d better stay there for like 7 hours and make it worth it!  He’d also better TAKE SOME GOOD PICTURES.  Eighteen bucks worth.  Strike that.  Thirty six damn bucks worth!!

Response has been pretty good for the Wait kit and I am glad.  I thought it might be a little too offbeat for most people’s tastes.  Good. That’s the kind of stuff I love to design.  I’m going to try to get part two out for a freebie on Monday.  So keep your eyes peeled!


2 Responses

  1. This is an awesome layout!!!!!!
    I hope he gets you some good photos, that’s just wrong to charge a 2 1/2 yr old to go to the carnival.
    Have a good night.


  2. My first time here — this is stunning, tear-jerking even. Just beautiful. And I do so appreciate the service to our country. God bless.

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