I got it done! Part two of Maps is here!

Freebie oh stay the same preview

I was so pleased at the reception that Wait has gotten that I went ahead and finished part two of the maps series earlier than expected.  This one is called, “Oh! Stay the Same” even though I am aware that the particular lyric in the song is, “I’ll stay the same.”  I like it better with the Oh!  So there!  I love this font, it’s from Font Diner.com, it’s one of the ones I bought a couple of days ago and it’s called Rojo Frijole.  I like it so much I am in the middle of making an alpha to go with this part of the kit.  I’ll have it for you shortly.  Alpha making is easy but tedious, I have found.

Right now it is 6:22 am, and Jenny has not stayed asleep for more than about 30 minutes time all night.  On top of that, I think I have a little bit of Vinnie’s “food poisoning..”  Guess it wasn’t.  I’m not sick like he was really, but I did feel very washed out and tired all day yesterday, and towards the evening I started to feel funny in the gut.  Do you know what I mean?  Not sick per se, but just.. like.. my stomach is a black cave or something?  Like it’s almost hungry, but in an angry way, and then when I eat I realize that I was not hungry.  So I took some pepto, hoping to head it off.  Now I have this baby.  She’s snoozing in my lap right now, but when I go to put her down, she will wake up.  Maybe I’ll try to sleep in the bed with her and Vince.  Wish me some luck.  I guess I’m not going to church tomorrow.  Why is it that every time one of the girls decides to pull an all-nighter it’s on a Saturday night?? I just want to go to church, is that too much to ask.


Well, enjoy this little mini.  Please let me know how you like it!

Click here or in the widget to DL from Box.net, or click on the preview to dl from 4shared.


6 Responses

  1. Thanks for the kit! Very unusual! And that LO of your husband and daughter is fabulous!!! My ex was deployed for 13 months, and when he returned our oldest burst into tears– I think he had been afraid he wasn’t coming back! It looks like you had a wonderful reunion.

  2. Great kit!!! Got listed on my site. Hope you enjoy your Sunday and can get some sleep.

    Take Care!

  3. It’s so difficult to find kits like this!!!!
    So beautiful…

    Thank you very much for sharing!!!

  4. I just love the colors and textures of this. Very unique. TFS

  5. Waiting to see how the Maps 1 and 2 tie together. Individually they are both luscious kits. Love the rich colors. Thanks!

  6. This kit is very interesting, can’t wait to see it closer! Keep up the good work!

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