Your Promised Friday Freebie – Arbes

freebie arbes preview

Click on the preview to download from 4Shared, or here for

This was fun to make, but I have to QUIT buying actions, my goodness! I named the kit Arbes in honor of being listed on scrap gratuit. I took my inspiration from this photo I took back in the day. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? Went to Colorhunter and made a palette, and I think it’s lovely. The preview might be a little busy, but.. oh well. There are three tied ribbons, four folded ribbons, five papers, four flowers, five tags, two frames and a chipboard journal. Is that it? Yeah, I just went back and counted, and that’s it!

Okay, I’m going to go downstairs and be with the other half of my family. I’m up here with Jenny in my lap (again) and Vince is downstairs with Atha. They are probably both napping, but I need to get some stuff done today, I’ve been making this mini since I posted that last entry at like 8 am. So that’s 7 hours, with a break for breakfast and a shower. Not bad!

But like I say, I have got to quit buying actions, at least till I start making some pocket change with my designs. Okay bye!


6 Responses

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful designs with all of us! You are very talented and I know I really appreciate you! Can’t wait to use your kit!!!

  3. Just poppin in to say hello. Love the new kit! How’s the boys kit coming along?
    Hope you enjoy your weekend.

  4. Thanks for another terrific freebie! (And, dont worry – I’ll fix the file name after I unzip so I’ll never remeber the language faux-pas!! LOL)

  5. TY so very much!!!!

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