My Take on a Seasonal Freebie – Calaveras

FREEBIE calaveras preview

Click on the preview to download from

I grew up in Arizona, and hated the heat and the flat look of the desert, and the kind of reverse claustrophobia of too much open space and too few trees. I loved the big blue sky and everything in it – lightning, occasional clouds, sunrises and sunsets that would make you fall to your knees. I loved the smell of the desert in the rain, and the way that things would grow when there was just a little moisture.

I also developed a lifetime fondness for all things Mexican – food, music, and especially the folk art. When this time of year comes around, I think of flowers, crepe paper decorations and day-glo painted sugar skulls. So late last night when I was up with Jenny I thought of this kit, and I have spent all day making it. It is my favorite kit ever. I truly hope you like it, because it’s kind of special to me. It reminds me of the place that was home, but is now just a memory, as I really have no desire to really go back, just to visit it in my memory.

I would also like to order some pork tamales, dry with sour cream and hot sauce, a huge basket of chips, and some runny refried beans- the kind you know have lots of pork lard in them because they taste so smoky. And a cold beer to wash it down. I don’t drink really at all anymore (it’s just calories, and all it will do is make me sleepy, and I’ve got that already). But Mexican food tastes best with beer.

Hey, by tomorrow (Monday) morning, you can go to Just For The Scrap Of It’s Round Two design gallery and download a whole mess more freebies. If it asks for a password, just come back a little later, it’s not open yet. Mine is called Sorry Ma. It is the oddball one. The theme was little boy, and I just was stumped, as I mentioned before. So I came up with this. Download it tho, and VOTE FOR ME, K? It’s got lots of little surprises, too much to list on the preview. There are fun clusters, plaid and grunge, vintage charms, and I’m very partial to the word art. Just download it, it’s free!! And if you download the rest of them, you will have a super cute little boy mega kit.

EDIT:  It’s now okay for me to post this preview!  Tomorrow I will post some more pics of what you get:Freebie Sorry Ma preview

And it is the LAST one!  So remember to click all the way through to the end.  Like that bookplate charm? There are 4 different ones.  But I think the best part are the frizzle edged fabric clusters.  See the plaid fabric with the frame stapled to it?  There are 4 different clusters like that, and they are huge files, and huge spells Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y

I have another kit that I can’t wait to show you. I did it for Plain Digital Wrapper’s Dabblin in Design challenge. It’s a super fun challenge where Barb gives you free designer tools, you make a kit and pm the link to her, and then at the beginning of the next month, you get all the links to the kits, PLUS the license for the commercial use items she has given you. You cannot beat that, can ya? Plus, you get great constructive criticism on what you have made. My kit is called The Lodge, and it has a retro mountain coffee shop kind of a Christmas feel. You’ll see, beginning of November.

Didn’t go to church today. I’m hurting kind of a lot. I can’t wait for the 30th and that ultrasound. I’m praying that they find something. That may sound backwards, but if they find something they might be able to fix it, and if they don’t find anything, then they will probably just write me a scrip for alleve and tell me to lose some weight. I’m not that big, 175 lbs and 5’3″, so, obese according to the chart, but I still wear size 16. However, when I have joint pain, or now I imagine with the pelvic pain, they tell me to lose some weight and get exercise. Welllll, it hurts to exercise, and when I went on a very sensible diet for a couple of months I dropped about 5 lbs versus eating 2 little debbies a day. So, I dunno, my vote is for hormones. Anyway, I’m going off because I’m waiting for this kit to upload.

Okay, it’s done! Here are 4shared links:

Calaveras papers

Calaveras elements

And like I said, this one is special t me, so PLEASE leave some love!


6 Responses

  1. Love it!!!!
    TY so very much!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lovin the Mexican day of the dead kit. Looks like a great kit. Can’t wait to see your new Holiday kit. That contest sounds like such fun. Who picked the colors for the Just for the scrap of it contest? You kit looks wonderful for that one too.

    Have a good day!

  3. Thanks!

  4. totally rocks! thanks for sharing time and talents with us.


  6. Muchas gracias, me encanta

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