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The Download Frenzy Commences!!

FREEBIE Sorry Ma preview

This is a layout I made with Sorry Ma, my Just for the Scrap of it Round 2 kit.  Click on it to get to the gallery where you can download the kit, and all the others in the running.

Here’s the problem.  I was the first to upload my kit, so it’s all the way at the end of the gallery, and nobody is getting over there.  Grr.. I want to win this thing so badly, but once again I fear I’m going to be at the bottom of the pile for votes.  Oh well, que sera, I surrender all, and “Be Happy Thoughts!” as Atha always tells me.  Isn’t that a scream?  On Yo Gabba Gabba, there’s a song about when you are feeling sad, or restless in your bed at night, and it says over and over again, “Think Happy Thoughts, Happy Thoughts…”  So of course Atha, being her little original self, has changed it to BE Happy thoughts, which I kind of like and now my feverish designer brain wants to make a kit out of it!  LOL


However, I’d better start on the round three SYTYCD kit, because it’s a monster.  It includes some ungodly amount of elements including a full alpha.   Ay dios mio!


Which reminds me, don’t forget to snatch up Calaveras, my Day of the dead kit.  Seriously, I love it so much and I hope you do, too.  I’m gonna post the preview and the dl links again, just because this is my blog and I can!FREEBIE calaveras preview

Click on the preview to dl from box.net, or use the 4shared links below:




Oh, and do you like the new look of the place?  I do!

Okay, off to go make Kraft Dinner with cut up hot dogs for lunch!



9 Responses

  1. What a fun looking kit! Love how you used it on your blog header too!

  2. Love the new blog look. The skeletons in the header are such a great seasonal touch.

  3. Cute layout! Good luck in the contest, I’m sure people will still find your entry! Love the new header, very halloweenish!

  4. Good luck – and I love the new look!

  5. Woohoo! I made it over here! It’s the boyervillescraps.com or whatever pops up on my comments that won’t go in. I don’t know why! Thank you for leaving me your blog addy! Now, I’m gonna blog roll you so I can find you!

    I think your new kit is great! I’ll show Pato when he gets home!

  6. Thanks for this great kit!

  7. Thankz so much!

  8. Hi

    The new look is great, the kit is awesome and I really hope you go to round 3!! Love your designs.

    Have a great week and thanks!!

  9. […] The Download Frenzy Commences!! – 3 freebie(s) […]

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