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You guys ROCK!!

I made it to round three in So You Think You Can Design, and it’s all because of you!! So thanks, I really appreciate it!

If I hadn’t made it to Round 3, then all this work I have been doing on the crazy big kit we have to do would have been for nothing, so I’m super duper glad I made it.  You may be familiar with Babette’s work, (if you aren’t then get over there asap and check it out, sister!) and if so you know she’s famous for her big kits.  I shudder to think about what next round is going to be like!!  But I’m having fun, stretching my mind like I said.

Anyway, today I’m taking a break from that kit and trying to finish part three of Maps for you.  I have a feeling that this project may be ongoing.  I know I said it was a three parter, but… Maybe I lied.  This part is called “They Don’t Love You Like I Love You,” and I’m trying to make it kind of moody and sad, like a gothic romance.  It has butterflies, which I haven’t done yet, and burnt edges, and lace and wrought iron.  I hope to put it up later today.

THEN I have to head over to the Stand Up blog because I haven’t even checked out this week’s theme yet.  Yikes.  I also need to do LO’s for Jay and Tina within the next few days.  Busy busy!

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of Jenny walking.  It’s hard to believe that such tiny feet could balance a person topped with such a big head.  I’ve never had a baby walk this early yet, she’s not even 11 months.  I think we’re in for it!  Click on the picture to go to my family blog if you are interested in finding out about my day to day activities.  I update it most every day or my mother in law will kill me.

Jenny walking


2 Responses

  1. Congrats on going on to round 3. I knew you would. Can’t wait to see your next installment. She’s such a cutie! Oh yeah, Fleetwood Mac isn’t oldies…yet. lol.

    Have a great day!

  2. Definitely a cutie-patootie! Congrats on making the next round – always an awesome feeling!

    The dog was running in circles – and had no collar. Otherwise I’d have caught him in under 3 minutes… LOL Thanks for stopping by!

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