Bad 4shared link fixed! Thanks Kat!

o I posted a bad 4Shared link, and 50 folks clicked on it, but only one person told me it was bad! That person was Kat, and she got a special kit for her time and trouble! I fixed it in the orig. post, and here it is fixed again:FREEBIE they don't love you preview

So folks, drop a gal a line to let her know something is amiss, okay?

Vince wants to have people over today to grill out. I hope Jenny gets back to sleep, I have been feeling especially Krappy lately. Ugh.

The Scrap For The Cure Crop that Soto organized started Friday, and I was only there for a little while before I had to go lie down. Luckily they are having a SCREAMING success without me! There were 64 layouts shared Friday, and two more days left to go on the crop! I hope to be able to come back by for a spell, there have been freebies GALORE, and lots of nice people to meet. But with all this company coming over tomorrow, plus one more element and one more word art plus the PREVIEW left to go on my round three kit for SYTYCD, and I still haven’t even started my Shout Out LO, not to mention my own CT work.. Yikes. What a busy time! And all of this with me sick. It’s been an inconvenient time not to feel well, let me tells ya.

Well, I’m going to try to get back in bed. I’ll leave you with a picture of Atha trying on her Halloween costume. Her shirt says, “Who needs a costume when you’re already a princess” and I think her expression speaks volumes.


9 Responses

  1. She’s definately a princess. What a cute shirt, need one for my niece Em. Enjoy your grill out, sounds like fun. Talk with you next week.


  2. LOL! What a cutie! I got about an hour more sleep. I’m hoping (but not expecting) a nap when I get home!

    Hope you feel better soon! [hugs]

  3. I noticed in your profile at DST that you are in Ft.Riley… I grew up in Manhattan and went to Kstate!!! I’m really missing it right now as we have no FALL season here in Texas!

  4. What a little cutie and great DL’s too!

  5. Thanks for the cool freebie! I missed #2, but love #s 1 and 3! Your daughter is so dear! Looks like she really loves wearing the earrings…

  6. TY so very much!!!!!!Your little cutie is a princess!!!!!!!!!

  7. First – that halloween costume is adorable!!! She looks so cute šŸ™‚ Second love your bowling alley kit – good luck!!!

  8. Thanks for this pretty freebie!

  9. […] Bad 4shared link fixed! Thanks Kat! – 1 freebie(s) […]

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