Let’s Go Bowling!! SPORTS freebies on Just For The Scrap of it!

Freebie let's go bowling preview

Hey, as of midnight tonight (Sunday) you can click on the preview and get to Just For The Scrap of it where you can both download AND VOTE FOR my kit. Or, the kit of your choice, there are plenty of good kits to choose from. Of course I hope you pick mine, but I like all the other contestants, I can honestly say I like all of the kits that are up right now, so everybody wins, you know? Here’s the description I put up on JFTSOI:

Here’s my entry, for recording all of life’s strikes, spares and gutter balls! It has plenty of sparkles and retro charm, making it useful for whimsical and possibly even heritage layouts, if your photos are from the 50’s!

Cute, eh? There’s so much STUFF in the kit this go ’round, I couldn’t even put a fraction of it on the preview and have any of it be visible, so I made these mini previews for you to check out. All are clickable to my kit at JFTSOI.

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Tomorrow I’ll show you the papers.

If you’re still with me, here’s a not so funny story. My time stamp is all wonky at JFTSOI, because I don’t know where I am in relation to whatever time they use for that forum. Actually, Babette told me what she is, so I can probably figure it out, but anyway.. So I logged on today, and I saw a post where one of the contestants was talking about hoping she made it, and then Babette answered that we had till midnight, and I saw that she had posted it at 7pm, and I about hit the floor. I thought I’d missed the deadline. Anyway, it was only a matter of minutes before I figured out what had happened. Here it is! I made it.

Thanks for checkin’ me out, and please enjoy!


8 Responses

  1. Oh wow! Those are cute freebies there!:) Have a great Monday!!!

  2. WOW ANDREA!!! That looks SOO AWESOME!!! I am soooo glad that you didn’t change your mind and go with a softball theme of something.

    Those charms are so freaking cute!!!

  3. Very nice kit, Andrea!! I hope you get what you want from the contest … and I’m glad you’re having fun designing!!!

  4. Great new kit! Very original like all your stuff. Heading off to vote now.

    Enjoy your day!

  5. Hey!! I’ve grounded myself from JFTSOI until noon lol. I just kept refreshing and I wasn’t getting ANY work done lol!

  6. This kit is awesome! I love the name tags and the charms! You did a fantastic job!

  7. Andrea, that is so fun! what a neat idea for a kit! I love the charms on the ring. Very very cool! Great kit!!!!!

    Your little girl trying on her halloween costume below is PRICELESS! I love the expression, so goes with the shirt.

    Have an awesome Monday!

  8. Andrea, I had to come back and tell you that when I first met Pato – so it was like 6 years ago, I got up one morning and my ear hurt so bad. Within 2 hours my ear drum burst and I had blood coming out of my ear. The next day, it happened to the other ear. Seriously, I couldn’t hear hardly anything for about the same amount of time. 2 months or so. people would knock on my door and I wouldn’t answer cuz I couldn’t hear. They would call and say, I know your there, we can hear the tv when we get to your floor. ROFL Couldn’t hear that either.

    Now with my ear bothering my like this, everytime I feel it draining, I run and get some toilet paper and check to make sure it’s not bleeding. It hasn’t yet, so I’m just assuming that it’s stuffed with stuff. The good thing about the bursting before, at least the pain was gone. LOL

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