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My grandma Atha

EDIT- I posted this yesterday, but instead of writing a new post I’m just going to add this morning’s news to the top of it. Why? I don’t know, because I can! Yaaaa!

Well, I am officially out of the contest at JFTSOI, but don’t cry for me, Argentina! (or any other country, I’m just making a lame-o reference). I’m finishing up another kit, and you will be able to get it, but you will not be able to get all of it here. That’s all I’m going to say about that, other than there WILL BE a Friday Freebie! So stay tuned! And DO stay tuned at JFTSOI, because round 4 is going to be amazing. The “theme” is awesome, and I cannot wait to see what the final contestants come up with.

I just got done reading Bunny’s blog, and she has a really upsetting story there about her son’s school banning JK Rowling’s books because of the announcement about Dumbledore being gay. Folks, you probably know from some of my LO’s that I am a Christian, but doesn’t mean that my mind is closed, or that I stand for hatred. Seriously, the kind of thing that Bunny talks about on her blog just makes me feel sad. I feel like it is my responsibility as a Christian to treat others with dignity and respect, and not to pass judgment on them, which is HARD sometimes, but let me just say that espousing hatred is NOT Christian, holding up awful signs at soldier’s funerals is NOT Christian, focusing on one aspect of a person without taking into account their heart and soul is NOT Christian.. I could go on and on. The Harry Potter books teach courage, right and wrong, teamwork, all kinds of good values. Well, I’m on a soapbox, and I need to get down. Soap boxes do not make for good reading! LOL! Plus, I need to go do a LO with Bunny’s template so I can get $2 off her Commercial use grab bag!

I’ll leave you with a funny story that happened the other day. Atha walked into the room, spread her arms out, and said, “What the Hell is going on here?” Now, she does hear swears from time to time, mostly from her brother and father, but I’m sorry to say that they are usually much worse swears than Hell. I just calmly told her, “Heck, Honey. What the HECK is going on here.”
I blame Law and Order, or House. That’s what I blame.

Here’s another LO! Everything here is from Karla’s Digi Kaleidoscope Heritage Harvest kit. Man, the designers I CT for have got some LOVELY fall kits out right now! I almost wish I wasn’t designing, I’d make a bazillion LO’s each from them!

This is a pic of my grandma, Atha and her third husband, Bennie Ray. This is the only picture I have of her where she looks young to me. My mom told me what they were doing in this pic, and I think she told me they are going to a rodeo, but I forget. Grandma was a southwesterner, through and through, mom was born on a dirt farm in dustbowl era Oklahoma, then they moved to New Mexico after my mom’s father died- that was when Mom was 9, so I can’t really refer to him as my grandpa, because I had a grandpa, and that wasn’t him.
Anyway, along the way, Grandma married a soldier who was handsome, but violent. Grandma didn’t talk about him, but my cousin Karen told me that grandma said she divorced him because she “took a hatin’ to him.” That’s so grandma!!
I don’t know the order of things, but they moved from Roswell, NM (Roswell! Aliens!! Spooky!!) to Phoenix, AZ and Grandma married Bennie Ray (in this photo), who everybody says was kind of a jerk. Eventually he passed away. One of my earliest memories was of people telling me that Grandma’s last name wasn’t Simmons anymore, but Whillans, and that’s when she married the man I called Grandpa, Walter Whillans, who was one of the best people on earth, EVER. I need to scrap the one picture I have of him.

Okay, this turned into Grandma’s life story, don’t know why!

But dont’cha love Karla’s Kit??


5 Responses

  1. Great layout! Love the story too. Your Grandma sounds like a very special lady.
    Enjoy your day!

  2. THe layout is awesome!!! and your grandmother sounds the same! Have a great day!

  3. It is sad that we are so quick to judge sometimes and ban things and make a stink where one is not necessary. I love the books and see nothing wrong with children reading them.

  4. Oh no on the swearing, Andrea!!! My kids get all my “swear” words too .. as I do NOT swear unless I’m so angry that I totally lose control … About the worst they hear from me is “FUDGEMUFFINS!!!”
    Your Grandmother sounds like an awesome lady … May your Atha grow up to be just like her!
    I hope your news about your freebies is good news!!

  5. Such a cutie!! Great story of your grandmother – be sure to put that journaling into a LO now!!!

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