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Today’s the day…

that I go in for my ultrasound. I don’t talk to the doctor till tomorrow, but I assume if there’s a big hawnkin’ tumor in there that the technician will tell me. Or if there’s a baby, like I swear there is, but all the pregnancy tests dispute. I don’t know, I keep telling Vince it’s probably just gas. Gas plus lack of sleep. Anyway, I’ll be sure to let you all know. I really hate the way they do ultrasounds here, it’s like torture. Two hours before the test, you pee. Then you drink 1/2 gallon of water over the next 1/2 hour. Then you wait and don’t pee for the next hour and a half before the test. How bad does that suck??? They want you to have a full bladder for the test. Last time I had one done, I WAS pregnant with Jenny, ummm, how pregnant was I? Let’s see, it was in August, so I was about 6 months pregnant. So imagine what a foul mood I was in that day, waddling out of the car and into the clinic and trying desperately not to pee on myself. Then, half way through the ultrasound, the tech was like, “Um your bladder is too full, here take this graduated cylinder and empty your bladder by this many ccs of fluid.” Okay. So I had to pee, but just a little, and then hold the rest. And she did that to me twice. By the time I actually got to pee I had to totally force myself, because my bladder was clenched so tight.

Anyway, that’s enough about pee!

Guess what I did? I just gave Flora my whole Girl on the Moon kit. See, she won a prize already! Don’t you want in on that action? Just to a LO with my stuff and you’ll be in the running! Click on my cool new blinkie Art and Scrap blinkieto get to my store and don’t forget to use the coupon BoyervilleScrapsThanksYou at checkout for you 40% discount on the Girl On The Moon kit!

EDIT-Here’s a QP I made for Halloween (El Dia De Los Muertos) using my Calaveras kit, and I’m going to go ahead and post the kit again too. What the heck, right? ‘Tis the season! Click on the preview to dl the QP.

Freebie qp

Freebie calaveras preview

And here are the download links.



Okay, now go do an awesome LO and send me a link! Go!


9 Responses

  1. Love that…..the colors are great! Hope the doctor visit goes well……have a great day, and I will stop by tomorrow to see how things went!

  2. Good luck with your ultrasound. Keeping a postive vibe here for you. Not grumpy today, just running late. Ok, grumpy is probably the right word. lol
    Please keep us up to date with what’s up with you. Take care.


  3. I hate that about ultrasounds…I had to have some special US with my first son, and it was killer…I couldn’t drink that much lqd, and I had to stop to go to the bathroom in the middle of the exam! Good luck!

  4. Ugh! Yep, hate the torture of those things. Last one I had, my bladder wasn’t full enough, so the tech brought me some water and some coffee..told me drink both down. Now, I HATE coffee and this cup was almost luke warm! Almost made me throw it right back up, but I did manage to keep it down and get the stupid thing done. I still shudder thinking about that, lol. Wasn’t for pregnancy, so no worries on the caffeine.

  5. It’s rather obvious that it is a technology devised by a man and seldom used on one! LOL Hope all went well, Andrea!

  6. bwahahahhaha I’m dying! Your story is too funny, well, except for the part about having to have the test in the first place. Keep us posted! All the best!

  7. Love your Calaveras kit! Thanks so much!

  8. thanks for your gorgeous kit….love it!!!!!!full bladder no fun i remember those days….hope all goes well…thanks…flora

  9. Thanks for this. It’s soooo cool! I teach Spanish to about 400 kids in grades Junior Kindergarten through 5th grade. This will be so awesome.

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