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My test was normal, no tumor, just some scar tissue from my c sections. SO, what’s wrong? Dunno. The doc has ordered lots of labs, he thinks maybe it’s my thyroid, just like Oprah. However, I have a different theory and tomorrow I’m going to research it a little bit. I think it’s chronic lack of sleep. You know how Jenny never sleeps, well Atha never slept either, so I haven’t gotten more than a handful of full night’s sleep in three years. Now, I know many mothers have this problem, but it’s pretty bad with us, I mean, I probably get an average of 4-5 hours sleep every night, and not consecutive. For instance, last night Jenny woke up every hour, and I have insomnia to begin with. I think that three years without regular sleep has just weakened my immune system. Just a theory, I didn’t go to medical school or nuthin.

Whatever. I’ll let you know. I get sick of talking about my health. Hey, I didn’t mean that, but it was a pun. HAHHAHAHAHA.

I’m working on getting some pics up of Atha in her Halloween costume tonight. She had fun, and adores her princess shirt and her crown. Thank goodness for Yo Gabba Gabba, because she wanted to eat all of her candy of course, but we reminded her that it would give her a tummy ache, just like Brobey, and she was okay with it. Not really OKAY, but… well, she didn’t fight. She was like, “Purple lolly pop is yummy, but it feels bad in my tummy.” And we said, that’s right, you sweet thing.


Here are your Halloween photos!

There’s the sign I made.  We had a BIG bowl of candy, too, and we were out of it before 6.  There were a LOT of trick or treaters, which was kinda cool, it’s been the first time in years that I’ve actually handed out candy.

And here is She, right before the trick or treating commenced

And, because I couldn’t leave her out, Miss Jenny, cracking herself up.  She’s wearing her Halloween outfit under the jacket.

Thanks again for all the prayers and nice words from everybody.  It really does make me feel good, knowing that there’s somebody out there thinking of me!


12 Responses

  1. Glad you had good news. I was given same diagnosis just a few weeks ago. Was wondering about suggesting it to you, but thought you might not appreciate a comment from across the Atlantic. I have had 3 c/sections, and youngest now 3. Had lots of tests and scans due to pain especially in the mornings. Finally few weeks back had cystoscopy (tmi?) under a general anesthetic, and consultant said nothing to worry about, just probably scar tissue attaching uterus to bladder. Relieved nothing else, but still left with pain. Glad you results showed nothing sinister. Hugs

  2. glad you got good news too…yes that lack of sleep is a killer still trying to get a good nite sleep myself…let me know if you find that secret sleep remedy:)flora

  3. Glad to hear it was good news. Don’t worry they’ll figure out what’s wrong. Hope you have a great day!

  4. Thank God…i did say my prayers!!!! Love those photos….Have an awesome day!!!

  5. Oh I can so relate to the lack of sleep. I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 22 month old. Neither make it through the night – never have. Adhensions in the scar tissue can be painful. I’m blessed with no feeling in that area which has got to be better than pain.

    I’m sure your chronic lack of sleep is really messing with your bodies ability to function properly.

  6. FANTASTIC on your test results! YAY YAY YAY!

    and oh my word,
    I could just pinch Miss Jennys little cheekers right off her face…
    cute cute cute!

  7. hope they figure out what’s wrong soon!
    great pics!

  8. I hope they figure out what’s causing the pain. Love your “All Out of candy” sign. Too cute.

  9. Great to hear there’s nothing “bad” goin’ on! Yeah! Really hear you on the lack of sleep thing. I don’t think mine case is as bad as yours, but I don’t think I’ve more than a handful of nights in the last 5 years…

    Cute pics!

  10. What cute little Halloween princesses!

    Good luck to you!

  11. Hey girl, glad to know it’s not something very scary! And go get some more sleep:D Your Atha is adorable with that attire plus that earrings and such cute pic of Jenny too:) Have a great weekend:)

  12. So glad on the news! ALthough it still is kind of crappy that you feel bad and you have to go through more tests. Your 2 little ones are so adorable!

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