The Friday Freebie is in a Hurry!

The techs from Allegiance Telecom are going to be here ANY MINUTE to switch our service, so I am really hurrying to get the Friday Freebie up for you! It’s from my new kit, Earth Angel, which is inspired by nature, obviously, and compassion- it has butterflies, and flowers, and a definite Eastern influence. I happen to think it is BEAUTIFUL, and I hope you will, too.

I have a big announcement to make and I’m just waiting on the go ahead to make it. Hopefully by the time our internet is back up this afternoon!

Here’s what you get today:

FREEBIE Earth Angel preview

Click on the preview to get to 4shared.

AND REMEMBER! Use your coupon conly! de BoyervilleScrapsThanksYou at Art and Scrap to get FORTY PERCENT off of my Girl on the Moon kit! After this weekend, I’m taking it down, so you’d better hurry!

-EDIT- Lovely Diane had this on her blog for me this morning  and I’m reading some blogs, waiting for the cable guy to get here, and I have to award this to Azrood.  Her Halloween was eventful, God Bless her!!


4 Responses

  1. Great freebie and I was glad to hear your tests were OK.

  2. awesome freebie!!!…have a great weekend!!!

  3. Very pretty! I’ll have to remember to stop back after I get home again! 🙂

  4. merci beaucoup – très beau!!

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