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Are You Up For It?

I have challenges!!!  At JFTSOI!  So come and play with me, won’t you?  Here, I’ll give you the rundown:

Challenge bonus Art

Click on the posting bonus preview to get to the challenge!

Challenge number one, ART AND SOUL.  Each month I will either challenge you to be inspired by a work of art, or to find some art within yourself.  This month, I am asking you this:  “What color are you?”  Are you rosy pink, always seeing the best in things? Are you vivid orange, with lots of energy? Or, with the weather changing and the sun coming out less, are you a little blue? Just give me a LO that explores color and how it relates to you.  It DOES NOT have to be monochromatic, like the Stand Up challenge we had (can I post my LO’s from that yet??)  The way you interpret this is all on you.  In fact, with my challenges, I am just interested in seeing what they mean to you, personally. 

And I also have a Lyric challenge, same thing, click on the posting bonus preview to get to the challenge

lyric posting bonus prev

It’s your standard lyric challenge, and this month we are scrapping from ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE by the Beatles.  So use the lyrics, or if you prefer, just scrap about love in your life.

Now remember, I’m having a contest, where if you scrap something with my stuff and shoot me your link, you are in the running for a free kit.  Well, if you do one of my challenges with somebody else’s stuff, you are also in the running!  I will even say right here that if YOU DO BOTH OF MY CHALLENGES AND USE AT LEAST SOME OF MY STUFF, then I WILL GIVE YOU A FREE KIT.  Yes that’s all caps because I am shouting.

Those bonuses are made to coordinate with my new kit, Earth Angel, which I am finishing up today.  It has 21 papers!  Wow!  And lots of quirky elements.  It’s definitely an eclectic  kit, with Eastern elements, lotus flowers, butterflies and incense.  It’s like your hippie friend from college’s room.  I happen to think it is very beautiful and charming and I’d better go work on it, because DH has the kids and I don’t know how long he can handle it!!  But before I go, I’ll share a LO with you.

This is my entry in the NDSD lyric challenge Diane hosted. This is my husband, who will not let the shutter release without making some kind of silly face, but it does work well for the challenge!
I used a bunch of Heather’s stuff for it, including things found in her awesome grab bag you can get at her PDW store

Okay, now I really gotta go!


2 Responses

  1. Thank you so much!!!! I promise you that I will have one done before I leave for vacation (but don’t hold me to that, it will be done by Thanksgiving!).

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

  2. hmmm… Another site to register at! LOL I’ll probably try to get at least 1 of them done this month. 🙂

    Great LO! Beautiful kit too!

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