HUGE day! LONG post, stick with me!

 -EDIT-  I see that I linked the ad for the Children in Need mega kit to the Art and Scrap forum, and I should really have linked here instead.  Ugh, I feel so bad!  Help the kids, go to the blog, enjoy!

The perfect quote for my last layout for Tina Williams Designs! *sigh* Tina was the first person I CT’d for, and I can honestly say I have loved every minute of it. She’s an artist, a leader, and an admirable businesswoman and I have been proud to be associated with her!


This LO is done with Fairy Fodder by April Day, who is a member of Tina’s Design team. I also used a Sweet Made overlay and a bent frame by Heather Manning. The font is blackjack.

Isn’t that the most beautiful tree? The little fairy seems to like it. It’s at Beringer Winery in Napa, CA. Well, at least it was, and I sincerely hope it still stands. I think this photo was taken in like 1996, it’s unbelievable to me that it was TEN years ago!

Before I get to business, some health news. I got my lab results back and my thyroid is fine. I asked the nurse what do I do now, because I am still sick. She told me that the doc I have been seeing is going on vacation for like a month, so I will have to book an appointment on the regular appointment line. Okay. All you military folks out there know that the health care is both the carrot and the stick of military service. On the one hand, it’s free and I can go have my children seen if there’s something wrong, instead of playing that horrible game I had to play when Quinn was young- “Is he sick enough? Can I take care of this myself, or is it something dangerous?” and then deciding which bills to not pay in order to have him seen. On the other hand, booking an appointment with a military health facility can be a nightmare: often I have called and been told that there are NO APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE, and to call back in a week or go to the emergency room…

SO, on that note, I have decided to take the reins here and do what I can to help myself. There are things I have no control over, but there are things I can control, such as what I eat. I’m going to say goodbye to the Little Debbies, the frozen pizzas, and if I’m feeling too sick to cook, I’ll have Vince get me a salad instead of a burger. No more caffeine after lunchtime, so that when Jenny is asleep at night, I have a greater chance of being asleep too. And I’m going to start drinking those green drinks Dr. Oz was talking about on Oprah. Also, I am going to do my best to get up and move for 1/2 hour or so a day, even if it’s just stretching. And we’ll see if I don’t feel a bit better in a few weeks. I think I will.

ALRIGHT NOW! First off, I decided yesterday that I needed a CT, so I made this announcement and posted it a few places:

Can you read it? Basically, I’m saying that I only have two kits, so I’m doing my CT on a LO by LO basis, CT members can leave after just one LO if they like, but they can have everything I make as long as they stay. Well, the response has been great! I now have THREE babes, all of them awesome, and one more person I’m considering. My first gal, her name is Andrea, too, (aka annscraps) she even made me a LO already!

Relatives LO

Click the image to go to the DST page for full credits (and to leave her some love, of course!)

How awesome is she?? She’s even offered to make our blinkie! Sniff sniff! I’m so proud!

Today I am going to do some LO’s with the big Children in Need collab kit. If you missed it, please scroll down to yesterday’s post and read about it there. Guys, this is a great cause, and you get SO MUCH STUFF by participating! Even if you don’t want to make a QP and enter it in the contest (I understand the deadline is coming up soon and we didn’t give you much notice) you still get a HUGE collab kit, plus I’m willing to part with one of my kits if you buy it. So scroll down and at least give it a look, K? Thanks!

Alright, I’m off to go get on the blog train! CHoo Choo!


8 Responses

  1. Love that quote – and perfect for that LO.

  2. Good luck with your call. I am having my first CT call also.

    Congrats on getting a design position at Just for the Scrap of it. I was glad I did the contest, but I w as also glad when I dropped out.

  3. Gorgeous layout! Good luck with your CT call too. I know that you’ll do just fine. I tried to play with your kit last night, but if you read my blog, you know the results. Definately when I get back from Florida.

    Have a great day and remember no news is good news? ok, maybe not but atleast it’s not something big.

  4. That is a beautiful layout! Love that tree!

    Hope your health improves, sounds like you’re doing all the right things to help it!

  5. I hope you are feeling better shortly! Hopefully eating better and more exercise will “do the trick”! I love the designs you have out – very nice! Good luck with your CT call!

  6. Good luck with your CT CALL!
    You will get to feelin better soon, I know you will!!

  7. Andrea- good luck with the CT call- keep looking after yourself- by the sounds of it- you are going about it the right way! You’ll be better in no time!
    I need you e-mail addy girl- you left me my comment with your number- LOL but no addy-
    mines in my profile- just yell it’s me-LOL
    and I’ll send you those links in the morning- I’m off to bed! it’s nearly midnight and I can hardly see straight! hahahaha
    Hugs to ya

  8. Oooo! I’m so tempted…. I have to stop… I have to stop… LOL

    Great plan! Hope you can stick to yours better than I did mine. [hugs]

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