The Friday Freebie Isn’t

It isn’t Friday-YET, and the “freebie” ain’t free.  You must promise me something before you download it.  Compliment somebody.  Smile at somebody.  Say a kind word, or a prayer for somebody else.  Pick up a piece of litter.  Do something nice.  If everybody who downloaded one of my freebies committed a RAK- just something small,  like letting somebody sit down on the bus, or holding a door open, anything, then wouldn’t this world be nicer?

So, see, it’s not free, and if you just download it and keep it on your hard drive and you never “pay” for it, then you are breaking my TOU!

It’s Easy!

Here you go.

FREEBIE dreamy

Click on the preview to download.

Why am I being all hairy fairy hippie dippy?  I don’t know, because I am starting to feel myself again, being healthy is helping, who’d a thunk it?  And because I’ve read a few places today about people leaving nasty comments on blogs for really silly reasons like music…? (why would you do that?  Who’s forcing you to stay at a blog for goodness sake?) and because I just gave away a RAK and it felt good.  I dunno.  I just feel like it!  And I can!!!


28 Responses

  1. mrsaboyer, as you already know, many many people have been kind to me today, and i will definitely pay that forward, but i want to take a moment to pay it back. To you. I have recently discovered Boyerville Scraps and i think what you’ve offered us has been marvelous. I am going to go make sure this little greedy gut has everything before it disappears. Thank you so much for your freebies.

    This kit for the november color challenge just screamed “you know you want it” so i came to get it, and whatever i need to do, i will. Yet, you’re right: it is easy to pay for this. So I’m on it. Thanks for the additional opportunity to do that.

  2. Hee-hee! A price I CAN pay! Honestly, Andrea – thank you for the RAK! It was very sweet of you, and helped alliviate some of thestress I’ve been feeling! You did an awesome job on the color challenge – as usual! This is the one challenge I never feel comfortable with… LOL

  3. Hallo,
    Thank you so much for your freebies.Your works are very nice. I am a beginner in the scrap and in the english. 🙂 I hope, that you follow me at least a few words. 🙂

  4. Fantastic mini kit, love the pattern in the papers. 😀 Thanks so much for sharing it and best wishes. :O)

  5. Absolutely, my motto is to try my best to be nice and smile at those who are cranky or difficult to deal with especially the elderly and mentlly ill. I remind myself that I could very well be one of these people one day and would hope someone would be kind to me.

  6. I don’t know about other people, Andrea..I always wonder why some are like But as my Mom always says, don’t say a thing if it’s not a good thing to hear:D Love that flower and thanks for the beautiful freebie!


  7. lol, great “freebie” and great price! Too many people take advantage of freebies, it’s good to remind them to pass it on once in a while (the thought not the actual freebie, lol). Have a great day!

  8. I agree, I don’t know why we have people that enjoy complaining about everything and posting nasty things all around. All I can imagine is that these people are extremely immature — overgrown, spoiled children that complain if they don’t get their way. Or they’re simply unhappy so they’re going to throw a fit. It’s pathetic really. But as annoying as they are, I would like to think the majority of us are just the opposite and actually enjoy doing Random Acts of Kindness. So here is my first RAK of the day….. >>>A BIG HUG TO YOU <<< for offering this pretty kit to us and for making a point to all of us to go out and spread some love! 🙂

  9. what a lovely way to give away a freebie, which is gorgeous by the way!!
    thank you so much for your kind words and for stopping by my bloggy 🙂
    hope you continue feeling well and have a great weekend (it is friday here already LOL)

  10. Yay! I can’t wait to pay for this!

  11. Glad you’re feeling so good today. I helped a friend cry last night and get things out of her system, but I’m not sure if it counts since I’m pretty sure she’ll be “helping” me with the same shortly! Fall is definitely a time of change, and change isn’t always easy…

  12. Thank you very much. Love it!

  13. Thank you! I have never understood the people who complain about something on someone’s blog. No one is making them read the blog!

  14. TY so very much for this lovely mini & great idea!!!!

  15. Thanks so much! Glad you are feeling better! Can definitely pay this forward!

  16. i won’t break your TOU.

    Thank you =) It’s very nice

  17. I just learned about your site and you are so wonderful to help fellow scrap-bookers out. You are too kind.

    Thank you.

  18. Thank you! This is really pretty, and your TOU is very sweet, what a nice idea to pay it forward this way!

  19. Wonderful papers, gorgeous colors and lovely elements! I really like this frame! Thank you for this very nice gift. And I like how you asked us to be kind to someone in our life, very nice idea!!

  20. Thank you for sharing this beautiful minikit. Glad to hear that you’re having a good day and hope that your attitude is infectious.

  21. Oh, Love the sequined tie AND wrap 😉 Great Job! I like your attitude of grattitude…fits in perfect with the upcoming day of Thanks! Sometimes it is hard to be nice and smile…we all have “those” days but I agree, when I’m not having One of those days, I just like to pass around the LOVE <3…Thank You and have a Great Weekend!

  22. wow, I love this idea of a not so free freebie. I donated a whole heap of stuff to our local op shop to pay for my download LOL

  23. Great freebie…thanks SO much!

  24. Thanks for this lovely gift and your hopes for spreading RAK’s! A small ripple can become a wave!!

  25. Beautiful, thanks, and your little girls are adorable, love that pic of them in the cabinet, so typical.

  26. Thank you so much for the freebie. I love your idea of PIF!!! I try to do an RAK of some kind every it open the door for someone at the store, give someone a compliment (you wouldn’t believe how this makes some people’s day!!!), or any number of other things. Today we cleaned our garage and have 5 boxes…so far of things to donate to the church for it’s thrift shop! If everyone would give an RAK a day the world would be a happier place!

  27. thanks…

  28. I love your TOU, and I agree whole heartedly with your sentiments, so happy I stumbled on your lovely blog and this “freebie” the colors in it are awesome,
    I am glad you are feeling so much better its wonderful and you never take that feeling for granted again, I know , I have been there and revel in the moment when I feel good now!

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