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All I Can Say is WOW!

I had no idea how well-received my RAK idea would be, you guys RULE!!! I’ve gotta admit, I was feeling pretty cynical, and I thought, surely it’s going to be like always, lots of snags, and just a few TY’s. I’m not being bitter, it’s just the way. Anybody who’s ever offered a freebie knows it. Well I am so glad to say I was WRONG! Plenty of people did grab and run, but lots of you did leave nice comments, and I was very very impressed by the fact that everybody seemed very excited to go and pay it forward. It warms my heart, I tell ya!

I’m sitting here, just got done with my Activia, moving on to the banana, and meanwhile sucking down my green drink. Guys, it’s helping. Yesterday afternoon I started feeling horrible, got all my symptoms: red eyes, greasy hair, I look like a stoner out behind the garage, ya know? Whatever’s wrong with me, it makes me look stoned. But anyway, I made a huge green drink and went to bed. Last night, neither girl would sleep. Atha had a bad dream and came into the room crying, so we put her in bed with us and she proceeded to toss and turn like a half Italian jumping bean. At one point, she was literally on top of Vince’s head. And Jenny was upset by all the commotion (she’s in the room with us) so she kept waking up. Well, normally, I’d be sick as a dog today, but I’m not! In fact, I’m feeling alright! SO- everybody go out and drink some spinach, it seems to be working! LOL! It doesn’t taste bad, just… welll, green. I think if I put a kiwi and a banana in it we might be getting somewhere.

Okay, here are some lovely LO’s made by my CT! Click on the LO’s to go to their galleries for full credits.

First, Grandma’s Only Girl by Armina

Look at the cute li’l punkin! Grandma looks so proud!

Next, Three by Hawra

First of all, how cool to have those three prom photos, second, they could all be sisters, don’t you think?

THANKS ladies, for all of your beautiful work!

Oh and I didn’t share the COOL blinkie with you that Andrea made for the CT. I just love it! Here it is:

And last but not least, I’ll share with you a picture of the girls

That cabinet there is where we keep drink stuff. Tea bags, coffee, kool aid packets, and these little “Drink sticks” we call them. For some reason, both girls are fascinated by them. Jenny is the instigator, she shakes the gate into the kitchen until she opens it, then gets in and opens that cabinet (I swear she’s part raccoon) and starts grabbing out the drink sticks and throwing them on the ground. We call this “grocery shopping.” Then, if we don’t stop her immediately (Sometimes I let her play with them if I’m cooking or something, I figure at least she’s not under the sink trying to eat cleaner- we use all nontoxic stuff, but still) Atha comes along and joins in the fun. Atha likes to lay them out on the ground, and she also takes one and rubs it on the other like it’s a violin, I don’t know why.

Also, see the pink microphone Atha is holding in her right hand? She calls that her “ice cream cone” and she LOVES it. Vince took it away from her yesterday, tho, after she used it to bonk her sister on the face. Poor Jenny looks like she’s been down a long road. She’s got all those beginning walker’s forehead bruises, plus a shiner from her sister’s ice cream cone. I’d better not take her out in public or somebody will think I’m an unfit mother.

Oh and at the VERY last, there’s still time to get the Children in Need mega kit and use it to make a QP! Wouldn’t it make you feel good to help the children? Plus, I’m still giving away a free kit to anybody who participates, so hurry!


5 Responses

  1. Cool layouts from the CT. I leave the spinach to you and Popeye though. The girls are jsut too cute.

  2. Cool layouts – those vintage photos of three generations around the same age are totally cool!! 🙂

  3. What beautiful layouts! Such a cute photo of the girls and their candy!

  4. Just poppin in to say hi!

  5. Yikes!! I could’ve sworn I left some love yesterday… LOL The boss must’ve walked in when I was typing… He was NOT in a good mood yesterday!

    Great LOs and cool blinkie! The girls are adorable. Isn’t it amazing what we’ll let them get away with when we’re busy trying to finish something?!? LOL

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