My Connection! AHHHHHH!

My connection is pretty much down.  It’s been bad for days, in case anybody who had wanted me to download something has wondered why A) I haven’t downloaded it or B) I downloaded it like 10 times, it’s because my connection keeps timing out and I have to restart the DL.

This morning I noticed that some overlays I dl’d on DSD were incomplete, so I went to try to dl them again and saw that a 10MB dl was going to take 2+hrs??? so I called tech service and the guy I talked to said that he saw problems with the network, so he was going to have to call his boss, and they might have to take the whole network down, AAAARRRGGGHH!  Couldn’t come at a worse time, I mean, I’ve got a bunch of stuff kind of simmering right now, and I don’t want anything to boil over without me..


SO if you’re trying to get ahold of me, I’m probably not ignoring you (LOL) I just can’t get online.  I’m hoping I can post this at all!  I’m gonna try to get a lot of work done, and to just pray that they get this issue fixed today.



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  1. I have something for you in my blog, Andrea:D

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