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Looks like we’re connected.

It seems as if the connection is fixed. I’m even downloading stuff again this morning. If I COULD get anything downloaded the last few days, it had errors on it, but today alles klaar, so… okey dokey, on with the show!!

First, I got this cool-i-o award from Yen, she’s so SWEET!

And first I want to give it to all the girls over at DSO who came and did my Art challenge at JFTSOI the other day!!! I’d love to show you all of the LO’s here, but instead I’ll just direct you to the gallery so that you may peruse them at your leisure. Here you go,


Kim B ,



Kristine and Kimberly

I know I already told you, but you guys made my day, my night, my week!!

And I also want to give it to Heather because she needs all the smiles she can get right now, and to Diane cuz she’s always giving me nice things.

I also want to share my CT’s latest wonderful creations with you, but first, a little news. Yesterday was Vince’s birthday! Happy birthday Vince! He’s almost all grown up at 29 now. Which means I’ll be 39 in less than a month. Ummm. Soon I guess I’ll have to start my subscription to More magazine. Oh well. I’d like to say that my young husband and young children are keeping me young, but I took the Real Age test yesterday and EVEN WITH the health initiatives I’m taking lately, I’m 46 according to them. The good news is that I lost 6 lbs. Hooray! So anyway, for Vince’s birthday he decided to go ride dirt bikes with some guys from his unit, and then to stay there and drink some beers afterward, so we’re expecting him home… eventually. Poor guy has not had a lot to drink since he came back from Iraq, and of course he didn’t drink there, and he is a real lightweight anyway, so I kind of expect that he’ll be THE HURTHING today, we’ll see. I keep getting sidetracked. Yesterday morning before he left, I was making Atha sing to him, and we were talking about all the birthday fun we are going to have today, making cupcakes and whatnot. So hours later, we’re sitting at the table having lunch, and Atha gets this faraway look on her face. I said, “What’s wrong, Honey.” And she said, “I can’t find my Daddy on his birthday”.. SO SAD!

Actually, I hear somebody stirring downstairs, I wonder if it’s him.

Okay, here are CT layouts!!! The first one is by Mamadukez, and it’s her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend at prom. Check out how the bf asked her daughter to go!

This next one is Armina, and is it not totally LOVELY??? I am amazed!!

And these two are by Sierra, check out her cutie patooties in the tree!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I have got to go see what the heck Vince is doing downstairs…. ugh. I hope he doesn’t stink! LOL!


7 Responses

  1. AWWWWW- we wuff ya too! LOL-
    Thanks girl! But listen- alles klaar comes from WHERE???
    My goed was alles klaar vandag ook! hahahahaha
    thanks for the cool-i o-award-MWAH!

  2. what great and wonderful layouts!

  3. Sorry about your internet. You have some great layouts.

  4. Wheeeeeeeeeee!!

    Thanks sooo much! You made MY day!!

  5. Aww – thank you sweetie!! You’re challenge was a lot of fun and really a challenge!! I really enjoyed it!!!

    Big Big Hugs!!

  6. LOL I just gave it to you from my blog too. ROFL

    Beautiful layouts Andrea!!!!!!!

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