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Okay, earlier I hinted at big changes, well now I’m free to discuss them with you.

Guess what?

As of November 26th, I am going to be designing exclusively for


That’s the big news!

I want to point out that I am leaving Art and Scrap and Just For The Scrap Of It with the utmost respect for those ladies, I have nothing nothing nothing against them, no drama, no gossip, so if you’re thinking that, just don’t!  Big smiles all around.  It’s just that those crazy wenches told me that they’d accept me (gabba gabba we accept you one of us- did anybody else see that bizarre BW movie Freaks?  Ohhh, if you haven’t, and you want something to make you shudder for the rest of your life, find that weird movie and watch it.  But there’s this part where all the side show freaks are dragging themselves across the ground toward the main character and they are chanting,”GAbba gabba we accept you, we accept you, one of us” For some reason that scene comes to mind…) and I had to say, “Heck yeah!!”   It was not an easy decision to make,  especially leaving JFTSOI, where I was a member from the very beginning.  BUT, for various reasons, I just felt I had to go, so that’s what’s happening.

For the next two weeks, my Girl on the Moon kit and my Earth Angel kit will be on sale for FIDDY PERCENT OFF over at JFTSOI, so be sure to go over there and grab em.  That’s UNDER THREE BUCKS EACH!!! And, you know, keep buying stuff from them.  And Art and Scrap!! Buy buy buy!

AND that said, here are a couple more LO’s by the lovely Sierra

Moon Scape

and Moon Shine

Aren’t her kiddies sweet?

And now, peeps, I have got to get crackin on some work!!  All this bidness the last few days, plus having my sweet husband letting me sleep in- has gotten me so behind on designing new kits!  SO off to work!

HOWEVER, in celebration of my new digs, I think I’ll offer a HUMPDAY freebie, so watch this space!!!


8 Responses

  1. Awesome news, Andrea! Guess this’ll condense some of my challenge hopping again, huh?!? LOL

  2. Congrats Andrea…That is Awesome news…Thank you for visiting my blog today and leaving such a nice comment….

  3. omg! I love Freaks!!!
    its listed as one of the top 50 scariest MOVIE MOMENTS of all time… *the little worm guy*



    welcome to the sanitarium, errr… DSO!

  4. Wooohoooo!!!!!

    Doin’ a HUGE dork dancing all over your blog!! Welcome to the family!!!!

    Wheeeeeeeee!!! Goin’ the grocery store later…gonna confuse a teenager….lol

    Thanks Andrea!!! Now get back to work! Don’t let Vince go to my blog, cuz I have Steve Ray Vaughn playing…..all those guitars will come out and then you’ll have to call me names again…LMAOPIMP!!!!!

  5. Well it’s good to see that while I was gone, something good happened to one of my friends. Congrats! This is awesome.

    Off to read today’s blog. Travel sucks. bwahahaha

  6. Congrats on your new “home”.

  7. Congrats on the big move!

  8. Yay, we’re so glad to have you as part of the DSO family, Andrea!

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