My Friend Larry

So I think I told you the other day that my friend Larry from high school called me?  Maybe?  This guy was really one of my very closest friends, he was over at my house all the time and my mom called him “Son.”  Anyway, the other day, Mom calls and says, “Do you know a guy named Larry _____?” and I was like, “Yes, I do and so do you, blah blah blah” and I proceeded to try to remind her about him.  Eventually she did remember.  Anyway, he was looking for me just to catch up and say hi.   I called him and we talked till my phone died. Then we emailed a few times.  He said,”Put me in your blog” talking about my family blog, and I told him I’d definitely put him in this blog, but he’d have to send me a full face pic first.  See, I was gonna be cheeky and do something silly to his picture, but then he went and sent me this one,  and it’s dorky enough as it is, so all I did was take some of the yellow out of it.  He works in a clean room , case you can’t tell.

Anyway, there’s a huge mess of something going on in my scrapping world right now.  It’s kind of, well, kind of AAAAAHHHGGGHGHGGGGHH! at this particular moment, but I’m confident that once it gets straightened out it will be best for everybody involved.  And I do mean everybody… But right now it’s giving me heart palpitations, and I know it’s unsettling to others as well.  I hate to be the cause of bother, but… Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.  And I had to do.  So.  Watch this space for further developments!!


2 Responses

  1. Morning Andrea!!!!

    You do realize you are responsible for my belly laugh yesterday?! Does WHORES ring a bell?! LMAO….OMG woman, it was the best!!!!!!

    Wishing you belly laughs today!

  2. Isn’t it great to connect with old friends? Hope all your issues resolve themselves to your liking.

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