Dis or Dat? The WEDNESDAY Un-Freebie wants to know!

 BEFORE YOU READ FURTHER!  Do you know my big news?  Probably not, because today was slow.  IF you don’t then be sure to read this entry and the one below!!

Dis or Dat FREEBIE

Click on the preview to get dl dis or dat.

I’m working on two kits right now, and I want YOU yes YOU to to tell me which one you like best! One folder in this zip, DIS, contains two papers and one element from my upcoming kit, Such Great Heights, which features sky scapes, angel statuary, and elements from art and literature. I know, high-falutin’! The other folder, DAT, contains two papers and one element from my upcoming kit, Tickle, which is inspired by zinnias- it’s pinky and orangey, with strong colors and lotsa polkadots! I know, fun!

Which one do you like best???

Tell me which one you like best and why before NOVEMBER 26th, 2007 (which is when I go LIVE at DSO!! If you don’t know that yet, read the post below). I will pick a winner from all of the
comments I receive to win the KIT OF HER (or his) choice!!


Also do not forget my terms. I don’t give away freebies anymore. I do something nice for you, and in return, I’d like you to do something nice for somebody else. This time, I want you to target counter/retail help. Say thanks to a cashier, gas station attendant, grocery bagger, janitor, etc. Thank them for helping you, because it would be difficult for you to get your groceries/burger/overpriced gas etc without them. You need them! Remember. They have that look on their face because they have a difficult job with an insulting wage. If you really, sincerely thank them, it will probably make them feel pretty good. That, or if it’s a teenager, it may confuse them, and that might be funny! LOL. SO, take my stuff, and give something in return.

Meanwhile, please do not hesitate to scoot your fanny over to Just For The Scrap Of It and snag my Earth Angel and Girl On The Moon kits or FIFTY FABULOUS PERCENT off. You can’t beat that.

I am so glad that Vince is going back to work today. It was awesome having him home, but with all this togetherness, and the big switch up with my stores, I am behind on my kits, behind on the Christmas Around the World Mega kit block party, and now I have my DSO requirements. AGH. It’s a good thing I never sleep! LOL


12 Responses

  1. like the blue and the baby pink.
    the red hurts my eyes…

    GRANTED I’ve been up about 2 minutes, my eyes are BARELY OPEN. LOL…


  2. I like both of them! LOL But, I really like that reddish pink paper on the bottom left. Pretty! Great stuff!

    And I LOVE your requirements for getting your goodies! Awesome idea Andrea!

    Congrats on being over at DSO! You’ll be working with a great group of ladies!


  3. Andrea!! Congrats on your news! That’s so wonderful that you get to go and join up with that crazy bunch of ladies! I can’t wait to see all the stuff that you’re making .. and my choice is the red and orange … you know me … I’m the COLORFUL frog!

  4. congrats on your news!

  5. congrats on your wonderful news!! I love it at DSO, and all the girls are GREAT!
    I love both dis & dat, but I love dis better!!! The colors are wonderful!! and possibilities are endless!
    Thank you!

  6. My vote goes to: “Such Great Heights”
    I love it!!!

  7. I’m all for Dat…love the bright colors!

  8. Tough choice but i think i like Tickle best

  9. DAT!! love them both, but have to choose dat for the gorgeous grid paper. xx

  10. oookay, I meant Dis didn’t I ????? (It’s really early here!)

  11. Hmmmm – I’m thinkn I like Dis! but you could throw in a little of DAT too! LOL!!

  12. I like dis, no I like dat, no dis, no dat…
    Do I really have to choose?
    Need I be TICKLED to go to SUCH GREAT HEIGHTS?
    Okay okay I choose Tickle

    Thanx for the freebies

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