Play Daisies!

FREEBIE play daisies

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Well, I’m giving you a Friday Freebie even though I already gave you a freebie on Wednesday, but I’m just that kind of a gal. I was working on my Tickle kit, and thought it would be fun to layer up some daisies I made with a daisy making action I bought from It’s by Tracy King. Anyway, zinnias inspired the kit, and they kind of look like stacked daisies. A little? Maybe? Anyway, I took this photo of a zinnia I got off of morguefile (love it!) and I zoomed in on different parts of it to make the different sized daisies. Then, I cropped down the image and made a painterly paper for you, too. If you’re like Bunny and are partial to stripes and solids, you won’t want this paper, it’s pretty bold! Traci, you come to mind! LOL.

Also, I would be a very poor businesswoman indeed if I didn’t point you to Just For The Scrap Of It where my designs (all two kits of ’em) are on sale for 50% off! The Earth Angel kit has 21 papers (and not a one identical to another save for color- each and every one has something done by hand on it), and is on sale for under three bucks, so c’mon, what have you got to lose?

OH, wait.. how am I going to ask you to pay for this.. Okay, got it. Be nice to somebody at Walmart. (EDIT- if you don’t have a Walmart, or choose to stay away from them always or even just today, then any suitable retail establishment or public place will do! 🙂 The woman with the screEEEEEEEEming kids, or the person who is gabbing with their friends with their carts in the way so you can’t get to the yogurt. Be nice to them, and think to yourself one nice thing about them. Do they have on nice shoes? Do they have a pretty voice? Think of something, and the tension will melt away!

Everybody seems to be sick. Quinn is home from school for the second day, which is no good because his schedule is loaded. He was already behind in his AP World History class because it’s online and he didn’t get the book for three weeks after the class started. But wait, it’s online, he could do it all day! Hey, twinkle, my brain cells just fired, did you see that?

Alright, I already posted on the blog train that mine was up, so I’d better not wait. Better post it!


11 Responses

  1. Morning Andrea!!!

    Wanted to pop in ad wish you a great day before I take my cooties back to bed!!!!


    ::sprays Lysol everywhere::

  2. Sorry, no WalMarts. Great stuff, though!

  3. Love the daisies. I don’t plan on going to Walmart anytime soon, will the person working the drive thru windon at McD’s work? haha.

    Enjoy your weekend!
    Go Bucks!

  4. Great daisies, they are so unique, thanks.

  5. Beautiful flowers! And I am so not going to go to Walmart today! LOL I plan on going to pick a dueling disc up for my son that someone is freecycling, then we are coming home to spend the day at home. Again. I’m so boring! LOL

  6. I love Tracy’s actions!! She’s super sweet and SUPER Talented!!

    Gotta love those sales!!! Awesome products on sale! I wish you luck on your deals!!

  7. Love the flowers and the paper is awesome! Sorry to hear Quinn is still not feeling well. I was at Walmart on Monday and then again last night and I made it though the store both times without having a single evil thought about anyone there! I hope that counts since there’s not way I’m going back for a third trip this week. 🙂

  8. LOL… “Someone special who could it be? The job’s too big for you and me…” LOL

    I’ve had this bleeping song stuck in my head ALL day, and now you bring it back stronger!!! LOL Have a good day, Andrea!

  9. “Hey, twinkle, my brain cells just fired, did you see that?”

    So, Twinkles is the girl…

  10. Yup, Andrea, you’re right … that’s a me kind of paper!!! I’ve been randomly doing that in all the stores I go to. It’s always nice, instead of thinking mean thoughts about the woman with the SCREAMING kids (usually, that’s me), to say a quick prayer for them .. can you imagine what kind of a day they might be having??
    LOVE your daisies!!!

  11. TY so very much!!!!!!!!!!

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