Yo, I’m Movin’ Slow

So remember how Quinn was sick for two days last week?  Well now Atha and I have it. It’s one of those creeper bugs where on the outside you just look like you have a mild cold, but on the inside you feel like your head is full of sandbags and the sand is leaking into your eye sockets, making your eyelids hurt, and it has also leaked into your throat, congealing into a boulder there right where you swallow.  That kinda thing.  So I am not feeling particularly bloggy today.  Plus there’s not much new going on.  The big news is that I uploaded my first kit to DSO.  I chose Tickle, it was DAT in Dis or Dat.  I finished it first mostly because I had less to do on it than Such Great Heights.  LOL.  Path of least resistance.  It’s not up in the store yet, I think it’s still somewhere in QC.  I’ll be sure to do a big announcement when it goes up for sale.  Also, I’m going to choose one of the lucky ladies who chose it when I had the sampler up to receive a free kit.  Hooray!

Well, really, I’m just moving my fingers here. So I’m out for the day.  Hopefully you’ll have another big, bright lovely post from me tomorrow.

Til then, Cheers!  If you want something to read, (and you’ve already visited all the blogs to the right, of course) go read Dan Zanes’ blog, I love Dan Zanes.


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