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Hey, I made a LO!!

I took a minute last night and made a LO with Karla’s amazing Blessings kit.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  This woman knows how to make a USEABLE kit.  If you want something you can scrap with in your sleep, go see Karla.

Like that picture of Jenny?  Doesn’t she look sweet and soft?  I used one of Heather’s new PSP scripts on it, the Age It script.  I think it makes the colors look good with the rest of the LO, don’t you?  Here’s the orig. photo (Still cute)

And here it is with the script:

Cool.  And it reminds me that I have GOT TO TURN THE DANG DATE STAMP off on my camera!!!

Well, I’m still sick.  Atha’s like 100% better, but surprise surprise the bug has stuck with me.  But I do feel like a human today, albeit a human with upper respiratory issues.  Most of that sick fog has gone from my head though.  Lots to do today.  I want to finish my CATW kit sometime this week, and I guess that means pretty much today and tomorrow, since the big THANKS to the GIVING is on Thurs.  WOW.  Doesn ‘t Thanksgiving feel early this year?

Also our phone woes continue.  I can’t remember if I blogged about our Embarq issues, they double charged us and wouldn’t admit that they’d done it, even to the point of accusing our bank of falsely reporting the double charge- and why would our bank lie for us?  For their big stake in the TWO HUNDRED dollar prize??  Anyway, we switched to the local on post phone company, and they use VOIP, which is fine, but first our internet connection was slower than dial up, so a tech came and switched out our modems and now we can’t receive calls in to the phone line.  We can dial out, but we can’t get calls in.  LAME.  They were supposed to send a tech out last night and didn’t, so I’m waiting on them today.  Just called and they said they’d “Probably” have somebody out this morning.


Hey, everybody, remember my stuff is still on sale for 50% off at Just for the Scrap of it.  I’m going to go there today and say Hi to the gals, I miss them!  You should too, and while you’re there, grab my kits for cheep cheep cheep!!


5 Responses

  1. AW! That came out great! I’m so glad you like the script! Have fun with them!

    I hope you feel better! I’m not breathing to close to you. LOL I’m finally healthy.

    And that sucks on the phone stuff! Here’s to them getting it figured out!

  2. Don’t you DARE breathe on me! First Kristine, now you ..
    I LOVE your layout with Jenny. That is too doggone cute and makes her look very sweet and lovable!!
    Sorry about your phone woes. I’d be thrilled to not have anyone able to call in … bill collectors, beware! LOL
    Have an awesome day … and feel better!

  3. Wow!! That LO looks great and i think running the script on the photo was a great call.

    I can sympathize with your phone woes, I’m sooo sorry it’s happening to you. Once the VOIP is working properly you’ll love it though, I know I love mine.

    I hope you’re well soon, you’ll be in my thoughts.

  4. Love your LO!!!! Heather’s scripts RAWK dont they?!

    Dork dancing my butt all over your WordPress blog!!

    Still feel like death but its a monthly thing so it will go away in a few days…..I hate Aunt Flo…lol

  5. OMG! that layout is definitely AMAZING! Girl, I love that notebook:) hehe! and that cute tummy there..I just want to hug and pinch that!

    And Sorry you are sick still..:( Feel better soon, ok? And for that phone too! I know it sucks..but you see, I don’t use my phone that much this days! 😀

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