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I’m still here

It’s just that everybody has been home the last few days, and although I love it, it’s hell on my computer time!  LOL!

I HAVE had a few minutes here and there to work on a new kit.  It’s called “Cool Yule” and I hope to have it wrapped up and ready for QC in the next couple of days.  I wasn’t going to do a Christmas Kit for sale, but I succumbed.  I still have to do CATW as well, and rename and submit Earth Angel for QC.  Girl on the Moon, I want to totally redo parts of, so we’ll wait a minute on that one.

Hey, Tickle is still on sale over at DSO, don’t forget!  Here’s a LO Sierra did with it:

I love what she did with the ribbons and flowers.  Neat!

Man, I’m having trouble getting started here.  See what happens when you don’t blog for a couple of days? Here’s what we had for Thanksgiving.  Now remember, there were only three adults present:

That’s rolls, a turkey breast, dressing, green bean casserole, Ambrosia fruit salad (look familiar, Heather?) cranberry relish, mashed potatoes (I always put them in the oven with butter on top so it makes a yummy crust), gravy and a cake.  The cake was made in a tube pan, and then we put sprinkles on top because we had them leftover from Vince’s birthday on the tenth.  I should have kept them for Jenny’s first ont the 28th, but then we can always get more.  We’re doing THAT well. Anyway, Atha kept calling the cake either a donut or a birthday cake.   We were trying to explain to her what Thanksgiving is, and we told her it’s time to say “Thank you thank you” for everything we love.  So all day she kept asking us what we say “Thank you thank you” for.  It was cute.  Her answer was sometimes very sweet, “For my sister Jenny, for my mommy and daddy,” etc. but often she was just thankful for “the birthday cake.”  At least she got it.

We did a lot of dork dancing too.  Put Quinn’s ipod on shuffle all, and it has over 4,000 songs, so you never know what was coming next.  I think the biggest dance sensation was “If you love somebody, set them free” by Sting.  Don’t ask why, it’s nobody’s fave, but we all loved dancing to it.  Here’s Vince and Jenny:

And, just so I don’t leave her out, here’s Atha last night showing me her “Kipper”

Alright, come back tomorrow!  I’ll be awarding my free Tickle kit to some lucky reader who voted for it in Dis or Dat.  Oh, and just so you know, I am still going to finish Such Great Heights, but probably in a couple of weeks.

I may also put up a freebie tomorrow, we’ll see.


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