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Same Ol’ Same Ol Blues

So yesterday I was going to come back over here and just chat with ya after that kind of ALL BUSINESS post, but then I went to make a phone call and noticed there was no dial tone, thought- AHHhhh, crud and checked the internet connection and yeah, it was down.  Now, if you’ve been following along, you may remember my previous connectivity problems.  We had a battle royale wtih Embarq over $202, finally had to file a FRAUD charge against them with our bank, which caused our ATM card to get cancelled.  It was a small nightmare.  Not the kind that cause you to wake up in a cold sweat, just the kind that make you grimace in your sleep.  Anyway, we got switched over to Allegiance and all was well till our connection started being slower than dial up.  Literally I couldn’t download a template without the connection timing out.  Got that fixed just in time for last night’s outage.  All of Fort Riley was down.  I wonder how often this is going to happen.  Grr.

Okay, and guess what else?  I’M SICK.  Again.  Man oh man.  This is getting old.  I got over the cold I had, then yesterday I woke up just dragging- headache, runny nose etc.  I thought, “Hmm, did I take my zyrtec yesterday?  Maybe I didn’t take my Zyrtec.”  So I took it.  Guess what.  That wasn’t it.  So I’m sick again, green drinks and all.  I don’t even know what to tell the doctors anymore.  And now that I’m blogging about this I realize I don’t want to.  You all are very nice with your comments telling me to feel better, but when I read them all I can think is  Waaah waaah, Debbie Downer.  Whatever, I’m sick all the time but it could be much worse.  I could have an accute kidney infection, for example!  And I don’t, so… Whatever.

Nobody looked at my LO yesterday!  The one with Vince in the footie pajamas!  It was below the all business post.  I’m gonna post it again.

I made that with my new kit coming out this week, Cool Yule.  It’s all crumpled and rumpled plaids and stripes, very cozy, funky and fun.  Here’s the preview:

It’s not on sale yet, but you know me, I’ll probably give some lucky lady a free kit.  I just don’t know what criteria I’ll use for it.  Hmmm, do you want one?  Are you naughty?  Nice?  If you want one, let me know and I’ll think about it…

Tomorrow is Jenny’s FIRST BIRTHDAY, so today I have to think of something suitable to give you all as a freebie for it.  I’ve also decided it’s a great day for Yen’s peanut to be born.  Don’t you think so?  I’ve decided that they can be birthday friends and then meet in 20 years and go out on a date.  Because the peanut is a boy.  That’s another thing I have decided.  I’m awfully certain about Yen’s baby half a world away, aren’t I?  LOL!

First before I leave you to go say hi to my friend’s blogs, I’ll let you know for sure about my challenges next month at DSO.  I have the lyrics challenge, the font challenge, and… the BOOK OF ME!!! I’m so excited to have this challenge, it was something that always made me think back when Heather was doing it.  She’s going to be doing something similar at PDW, so you all should do both challenges!  Heather is so awesome she even gave me her old blinkie!  SO snag it if you like, here it is:

YAY!  I need to do some work with my side bars.  I’ll get the blinkie up there tout suite.

For now, I leave you with a picture of Atha playing drums:


13 Responses

  1. Oh girl, when ya don’t feel good, ya got to tell us all about it! seriously, isn’t that what the blogs are for? LOL I don’t mind. And I don’t mind saying, I hope you feel better soon! Now, go knock on wood so you don’t get a kidney infection, they suck! LOL

    I feel like all I’ve been talking about are my sick kids. Wait, sick kid. lately. It’s been a rough couple of weeks for him!

    I love that picture! She is so cute!!!!!

    And great layout! Love the new kit, those bells are awesome!!!!!!

  2. Should we be saying quit whinning? I think not. If you can moan and groan on your own blog, then there’s a big problem. I truly do hope you’re feeling better soon. I’m so excited about the lyric challenge and now you’ve got the book of me. Woo Hoo!!! Cuz I still owe you a lryic and now to make up for the one I didn’t do, I guess I’ll have to do the bom too. (sorry, it’s been rough blocked and all). Hope your connection stays. I can’t imagine being without my net.

    Try to enjoy your day!

  3. Sounds like a Monday sort of day instead of a Tuesday. Sure hope you start feeling better soon!

  4. I say if you feel like crap, go ahead an whine about it! 🙂 I’m notorious for whining when I’m sick and I swear it actually makes me feel better…well it’s worth a try anyway. ….Happy early birthday to Jenny! That first birthday is such a milestone!…Fabulous kit! I absolutely love the frame! The lights look like they’re glowing! So cool!

  5. Girl, you should find out whats going on with your body!! And when you feel like crap, then you can whin all you want. Take care.

  6. Okay, if the commiseration doesn’t make you feel better… then, buck up! Take a hot shower, a couple of Aleve and get out of the house for a couple of hours. It may not cure you but you’ll feel less sickly for a little bit. That sometimes helps me when I get a rebound illness. BTW – love the glowing lights around the frame – so cute!

  7. Oh I hate when the internet is down. Its like having to do without your purse or something.

  8. Oh Andrea….that new kit is awesome!!! I love the layout too…..so sorry you’re not feeling well AGAIN!!! C’mon girl, kick this stuff…sounds like you got a lot of fun stuff to do over at DSO and you need your wits about you!!!

    Were you standing on a ladder when you took Atha picture???? Great shot girl! See you tomorrow…(feeling better!!!)

  9. OH MY GOSH!! What a cutie on the drums there : ))

    Thanks for visiting my blog again : ) I live in western Washington. I spent some time in Portland as well and it really is a great place. I hope to some day return (possibly in the near future)

  10. YEAH!!! Those are all challenges I can normally complete without issue!! 😀

    And, just for the record I was kinda feeling down having only two comments yesterday, and wondering where all my friends had run off to when i get FOUR comments and a RAK between posting at home and checking at work!!! You are too sweet! I’ll download when I get home tonight!

    That LO is very cute btw, and where does he manage to find footie pjs big enough for adults?!?!

  11. Sending wee squishes until ya fart in the hopes you feel better…feeling sick blows…


  12. great LO & kit. the drum photo is classic!

  13. Hope you are feeling better. Love your Christmas kit and the great lo! I you ever need need and extra creative team person for some los let me know. I would love to do some for you.

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