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There’s Good News! And a Freebie! Plus, don’t forget my contest! And my Challenges!

The good news is (I won’t make you wait for it) here in Kansas it seems that if you are going less than 15 miles over the speed limit, you can pay an additional fine and have your ticket reduced so that it’s not a moving violation, thus sparing your car insurance. And I was wrong about how fast Quinn was going, it was a mere 78 in a 65 = 13 miles over = we can pay that fine. Now we have to come up with $200. But still, that’s SO SO much better than it could have been!

Look, here’s a LO Armina made with Tickle!

I love it!!! And I can’t remember if I showed you this LO that Mamadukez did with Tickle. It’s so touching.

And this one that Linda made with COOL YULE

What a munchkin!

Speaking of Cool Yule, remember, right now I’m running a contest using it. It’s only $2.10 right now at DSO, (which is so CHEEP! ) and you buy it, make a LO, send me the link, and you will be entered in a drawing to win a CUSTOM KIT, make by me (of course) using your ideas! WOW! Plus after you buy my kit you can use it to complete my font challenge over at DSO, and win my posting bonus, PLUS you will be on your way to getting the December Element Fairies Mega kit there… and you will have so much good stuff you may just have to buy a new hard drive. You ‘ll have so much stuff.

Besides the font challenge, I’m also doing the BOOK OF ME and the Lyric challenge over there, you will want to do them all. Plus everybody else’s, that’s how you get the element fairies mega kit.

ANYHOO… here’s some more family news. Can you tell I’m scattered this morning? I tell ya, having my family around is awesome, but it’s hell on the blogging, and I don’t know where to start telling you stuff! Okay, even though we’re leaving here to go see Vince’s family on Dec 26th (which means I’ll be scarce for two weeks, I bet you miss me already! LOL!) Vince still bought a tree. He’s all excited for Christmas. Remember, last year he was in Iraq. ANd the year before that he had duty and was only home for part of it, I think he had to be at work at 9 am on Christmas and workded 24 hours. Plus, this is the first Christmas where Atha will have any idea what’s going on, so she’s all excited, Vince is all excited, it’s just exciting. I was singing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” to Atha last night- and is that song kind of twisted?? Man, I never thought of that before! Anyway, she started running around just singing, “You better watch out, you better watch out, you better watch out.’ etc. Pretty funny. I have some pics of Atha putting the angel on top of the tree, and I plan to do a LO with at least one of them (remember layouts??) to show you . Probably today.

Oh did I say there was a freebie? That’s right. It’s So Thankful, the Nov PDW Dabblin in Design challenge. It goes with my Grateful kit, they are companions. Click on the preview to get it. And be thankful!

So Thankful FREEBIE

I was going to rant today about negativity- seems there are a bunch of haters in our community, which I find just silly. You don’t like somebody’s stuff, don’t buy it. End of story. However, I’ve decided that to rant about haters is just hating, and instead I’m not going to hate, I’m going to appreciate. I’m gonna keep on truckin along, making my little kits and hoping somebody will find a way to use them, maybe some way to incorporate them into their memory-making. KWIM? I’m going to remember that this is fun for me, it’s nothing heavy, just.. well something I love.

ANd I hope you love it too.


3 Responses

  1. Great los being done. Got everything set up to get your challenges done, just trying to find photos. Glad you’ll get to spend some time with Vnce for Christmas. I can’t imagine not being able to spend that time with someone I love. Gives me pause to think about all those military families that won’t get to spend the holidays with their loved ones.
    Enjoy your day.

  2. [hugs] Andrea! Cute freebie! I’ll have to remember to stop back later – as usual! I’ll be making my Dec Challenge list this evening!

  3. I LOVE this post Andrea!! It’s so light and happy (I especially like the very end about the haters, good job girl) Those LO’s look great and thank you for the fun freebie.

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