I’m 39! GAH!!!

And I’m running behind today.  Jenny’s super crabby this morning, and was last night too-I blame teething, so my freebie is not ready.  DANG!  I’m working on getting one up for you, but in the mean time, I want to announce that A Winter’s Night is NOW ON SALE at DSO!  And in honor of my 39th birthday, I’m putting it on sale for 40% off, which means it’s less than TWO BUCKS, which really is a good deal, if I must say so myself.  Click on the preview to get cha some

Okay, now that that’s up, I can go make my freebie for ya! Be back shortly.


2 Responses

  1. Yikes did I miss your Birthday? I did, I did. bad blogger friend. I hope you have a totally awesome day today and get all the little things your heart desires.

  2. Happy Birthday, Andrea! Those papers kind of look flannelly, and right now that sounds SOOO good! LOL My co-worker and I keep trying to move the heat up a little ’cause it is CHILLY in here today!

    Have a great day! [hugs]

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