Quick! While the connection is still good!

Man, we’ve been snowed in for the most part, and yesterday the power was on and off. All day yesterday it seemed like I was resetting the connection.. it just won’t stay good. I think tomorrow I’m going to have to call our service provider. Cuz like I’ve said, we’ve got VOIP, so if the connection is down, so is my phone. Quinn has been stuck in Manhattan (Kansas. It’s the next town over. They call it “the little apple”) all weekend and has called several times to let us know what’s going on, bu the phone will be off when he calls, so I won’t notice it… it stinks. So if I seem to be ignoring my blog buddies, that’s why and I’m sorry! I’ll try to catch up with you today while the connection seems to be pretty good.

Has anybody heard from Yen? I’m just hoping and praying that she and that little peanut are happy and healthy together and that she’s been too busy being a mommy to write to us. I’m sure that’s what it is. I can’t wait to see that peanut!!

Here are some Layout Shares from my fantastic CT!! Click on each one to get to the gallery where you can leave them love and see full credits

Here’s “The WOnder of the Season,” by Mabell

Don’t you love the warmth and magic she’s created here?

Here’s Sierra’s Christmas Tree:

Don’t you just love it when you go into that room and see that tree? This LO brings the anticipation of the season.

Here’s Snowman Down my mabell. This one is so FUNNY!

And now a few from my newest CT member, MaggotMommy

Reagan in Daddy’s Shoes:

Izzy’s First Christmas:

And Silly Reagan (I love this one!!!)

I made some Layouts, too. Are you sick of looking at them yet? I’ll just share one of mine, I think that’s all you haven’t seen. This is Naughty and Nice, using Karla’s Dec grab bag form Divine Digital.

Okay, now I’m going to visit some friends and see what’s up!


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