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Check it out, Power’s barely back and I have a Friday Freebie ALREADY!

That’s the kind of devotion I have for you all, I made you a Friday Freebie because there was no Wednesday one this week because of the outage.  Hope you like the freebie.  I was playing around with ArtRage, and I made a bunch of snowflakes all with the same stencil but different media.  I think they are fun.  See which is your fave.

Here ’tis.  Click on the preview to get the prize.  And for your RAK this week, um.. I don’t know.  Say a prayer (or send out good vibes or whatever you do) towards those of us affected by the power outages.  We got out lucky, all we lost was some food.  Lots of people out there worse off.

Iced Freebie

Ugh, our schedules are all wonked up.  The girls and I slept from about 3 am till about 10 am last night, down on the fold out couch because I didn’t want to disturb Vince up here in bed.  The house was still pretty freezing cold, so Vin was wearing his footie jammies (cute) and the girls and I were all snuggled up under lots of blankets.  Well, I’ll never sleep on that couch again, it’s all slanty and weird.  The head area slants down slightly, and I’m not sure if this is why, but I had the WORST headache all day, I just could not shake it.  Anyway,  poor Vin has been at work all day today.  It’s coming up on midnight and he’s still not home.  He’s with one other guy manning the generator at the sewage treatment plant.  The citizens of Junction City, Kansas have him to thank for the lack of odor in the nightime sky!!

Here’s a picture of Atha, wearing her Santa dress to keep warm.  No evidence on this face that anything at all is wrong!  Just a pair of beautiful blue eyes.


11 Responses

  1. Great photo! Love the freebie too. You may be one of the few still doing em after the piracy fiasco you missed with the power off. Big mess!!!! But don’t worry your little head about it. Stay warm and I hope that you’ve had the last of the nasty weather for the season.

  2. LOVE that picture! Great freebie, the frame is super:)

  3. What a wonderful photo. Winter power outages are such a pain. Glad to hear everything’s better now.

  4. I’m so glad you are ok! (((hugs))) We luckily didn’t lose power, but there were plenty in this area who did.

    I got your email, just need to respond!

    Beautiful freebie, and she is a cutie! Love that pic!

  5. Atha is too cute there! Glad all is well – if chilly. We lost power for 1.5 hrs this morning, but only my street – wierd!

    I’ll hop back later to grab the freebie, but thanks so much!

  6. WOW!! Great freebie! I love those colors. Now, you’ve got me curious about this ArtRage. Must check it out…

    I’m glad the power is back up. I was beginning to wonder what happened to you, I know I haven’t seen you on Yuwie. I left ya some comments there.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  7. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Glad your power is back! Thanks for the snow stuff!

  9. TY so very much for this FAB freebie!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love the photo of your adorable daughter!!!!

  10. Wow, that pic is adorable. I love her sweet smile. I really love the blanket that is behind her with the gorgeous blues, and turqouise? Anyway I’m so sorry about your power outage. Patty

  11. What a little cutie! You’re right, she shows no indication that anything is other than absolutely wonderful in her world. Beautiful picture.
    Thank you for the pretties. I hope your power stays on.

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