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Still Catching Up!

Hey-ya! I’m still getting caught up from the storms and our connectivity problems before them. Actually, I don’t know how possible getting caught up is going to be, since I’ll be going away for two weeks starting on the 26th… Two weeks, yikes! It will be an adjustment coming home from that. Wow. Anyway, I still have a lot to do tonight, so news will be brief.

Um, it’s sunny outside? Super sunny, and warm during the day today, when I went out to check the mail I didn’t even need a jacket. The sky was brilliant blue, and the soldiers came and picked up all the down limbs etc yesterday, so except for the residual snow on the ground, it’s almost like the storm never happened. Same way with all of our other troubles. We were able to scrape together all of Quinn’s ticket money, we found some people to take care of Dana dog while we are gone, I got a deferment on my car payment till next month, Vince’s unit gave us a voucher for groceries at the commissary, and a couple of amazing individuals have even given toys for the girls, which BLOWS MY MIND. I really hope I didn’t sound like I was begging or complaining in any of my posts, cuz I was just telling you whazzup with me, but apparently Santa has a lot of helpers, people are amazing like I said, and the girls will have some packages under the tree after all. I’m so thankful and humble, happy to have been the beneficiary of Payment Forward and even more committed to doing more of the same.

Which brings us to this freebie! If you’ve been here before, you know that I require payment for my freebies (I’m gonna have to make a TOU graphic for that to include in them, wouldn’t that be kinda cool?). I ask everybody who downloads them to do a kindness for somebody else. Sometimes I have given suggestions for what to do, but this time I’m just going to make a prediction. Tomorrow or the next day, an opportunity will be presented to you. You’ll know it when it happens. Within the next couple of days, you will be presented with a clear choice. Should you stop even though you are in a hurry to help that mom and her two daughters pick up the display of Shrek DVD’s they just knocked over? Should you tell the cashier that she gave you too much change? Should you smile and wave at the elderly man with the big frown on his face? Do the right thing. You’ll feel really good.

Okay, I’m done with that. On to your freebie. Tragedy Anne won my contest for a free kit, mostly because she is the only one who really made a point of entering it! She wanted something goth. Are you shocked yet? LOL! So I’m working on this new kit for her called Oh My Goth. It’s gonna be grungy, with day glo colors, lots of black, and fun doodly skulls, and hearts. I am doing a huge amount of hand painting since I got my Bamboo tablet from my mom, and I’m getting used to working with it.

Click on the preview to get the freebie.

Freebie oh my goth


9 Responses

  1. WooHoo!!!!! Now we talking baby, I love it…..Thanks so much. I love working with your awesome kits.

    Big hugs and Happy Holidays, Kat

  2. andrea, i am equally blessed reading all these posts… i am praying for you that the catching up keeps happening, and thanks so much for your comment, I wish i could explain why it meant so much to me, but it did,,you changed my day.

  3. Wish you lived closer, hon! (Then maybe I wouldn’t be looking out the window at yet MORE snow! LOL) I have tons of stuff I couldn’t get rid of at my yard sale this year that would probably be greatr for Miss Jenny, and I’m sure there’s even a few things for Miss Atha…

    Thanks for keeping such a positive note to your posts… they’re a brighter spot to my days. [hugs]

  4. cute freebie!!

  5. Love the idea of paying for a freebie with a kindness :0)

  6. Thanks one cute freebie,Andrea! 🙂 And I just nodded our frown neighbor this afternoon, does that count? 🙂 And she actually nod back..lol

    Have a great day!

  7. Oh girl- so glad there was some light at the end of that tunnel! Loving the new Gothy kit!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!- Love the photo and LO too- it’s gorgeous!! Sending hugs and love

  8. I realized just now (duh) that when you said that yesterday’s post didn’t and you reposted I didn’t stop by to read it. Now I’m behind. lol. I’m so glad that there are people out there who know the true meaning of Christmas. I heard horror stories about things that happened over near Hutchison and Lyons (don’t know where they are in compairison to you, but got family there) during the storms. It warms my heart to hear of goodness. And your posts warm my heart too. I’ll miss you while your gone. Enjoy your day and I’ll check back for todays post too.

  9. Andrea, i didn’t realize so much had happened. I am glad all is better and that you still have a sweet spirit. I hope you and your family have the best Christmas ever. I will be lookijng forward to your new beautiful kits. Linda

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