Been Sick all Day, but another LO

Hey all.  I’m sorry I didn’t write to anybody today, but I’ve been sick all day again.  Jenny’s got something too.  She’s grumpy and has diarrhea where usually she has rabbit poops.  Too much information?  LOL!

I’m going to bed.  Vince has taken the girls downstairs for a slumber party.  I LOVE HIM!   For Christmas he surprised me by telling me there was a little money in my Pay Pal acct.  It was just a few bucks, but with it and my birthday coupons from DST I spent a tiny bit of money and got big big fun.  Bad Andy, I should be designing!  Did some of that too, and I think I’ll be done with Oh My Goth before we go on Vacation.  It might not be ready to be sold, but at least the design work will be done.

Anyway, check out this LO I did with lots of Ztampf stuff.  She’s AWESOME, isn’t she?  Full credits are available by clicking- you’ll go to my flickr page where you can click on “All sizes” above the photo and see a close up.  I used Heather’s Violet mist script again, and one of Karla’s Faith cards.  I’m going to use them in LO’s till I’ve used them all.  Quinn took this pic today and declared it not very good, but I told him he was wrong.  What do you think?

Okay, I think I’ll crack a good book (perhaps, THE good book, who knows) and pass out.



3 Responses

  1. wow am I amazed by your ability at layouts. Tell Quinn that’s a great pic to scrap. patty

  2. OH, I hope you feel better! And Jenny too! Alyce had got some funky poo too. But she’s got molars coming in, so I think that’s what is causing the poo and the crabby attitude!

    And I think Quinn did an awesome job on that pic! Beautiful layout Girl! And the other one was too! I still need to leave a comment at DST, I looked at them, then Alyce was cranky and needed me.


  3. Very cute LO! I’ve got to read the directions on installing and using those scripts so I can hop to it over the next few days!! Hope you all have a great holiday! [hugs]

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