Color Your World Contest at MGL Scraps

This blog post is my shameless attempt to win the giant, pretty mega kit on MGL scraps

Check it out, it’s massive, and very colorful, you know I likes me some COLOR!

No time, I have to make posting bonuses for next month’s challenges.  And oh yeah, next month is TOMORROW!!

NOw go check out that contest, you’ll be blogging about it too!


Technically, it’s Still a Wednesday Freebie

So I’m kinda cleaning out some things in my Design folder here for your freebie pleasure.  I used one of these papers for Mike’s memorial, and I was thinking at the time, Gee whiz, some of these papers are beautiful.  I should really get back to this kit.”  So today I opened up the folder again, and … well, I like the papers.  So here you have them.

Click on the Preview to get em.

Such Great Heights FREEBIE

By the way, I still want you to commit some kind of a RAK in exchange for my freebies, even if I don’t mention it every time.  This time, I want you to just love on somebody.  Just sit there and love somebody.  They don’t have to be around.  Somebody did that for me today, and you know what?  It worked.

Thanks, Beth.

Then and Now Atha

Here’s my LO for Heather’s Jan challenge! Late enough for ya? Oh well. I had fun doing it, and am pleased with the result. I love the photo I took today of Atha, she’s so beautiful! I also really love the quote. I read it the other night in Eat, Pray, Love. Anybody else reading that? Well, she really does make me live. She and her sister both. And their big brother, but you know. The little girls are bright sparks, and they need me so and love me so purely. Quinn’s all growds up.
But yeah, no matter how dark things get, no matter how much life beats on me, I have these little bright angels reminding me that I am capable of something good, a miracle.

Yen’s Question of the Week

Okay, thought I was done and then I saw that Yen has a question of the week.  So I decided to play!

Here you go!  If you decide to answer the questions too, let me know!  And you can link back to her and let her know, too!

1. Last time you had a manicure/pedicure? Umm, like 4 years.  My hands and feet are.. not suitable for human eyes.
2. First thing you do in the morning? Kiss the babies, because there they are in my face.
3. What did you do last night? Made dinner, wondered where everybody was at 6:30, took dinner out of oven, watched American Idol while eating dinner, cleaned up after dinner, went to bed.
4. What are you wearing right now? Jeans and a long sleeve shirt
5. Favorite pizza topping? Pepperoni, mushrooms and sometimes sausage.  With NY style crust.
6. Have you ever won a trophy? I honestly can’t remember.  I don’t think so.  LOL
7. Have you ever ordered from an infomercial? I have certainly wanted to.  I do own ginsu knives, but I didn’t order them.
8. Do you have a nickname? What? Andy.  When I was a little girl I was called Andy-lee
9. What color do you prefer to wear? Mostly blue.
10. Look to your right….what do you see? Jenny Benny


Woke up with a bad headache today.  Gah.  And the house is in shambles.  Well, it’ s not that bad, but there’s still laundry on the couch.  The witnesses didn’t come yesterday so are they coming today?  I can’t remember.  We’re also expecting somebody to come and try to fix the ONE big burner on our stove, which doesn’t come on all by itself.  You have to turn it on, then jiggle it until it gets hot.  Um, not ideal.  And while you’re jiggling it, the little thingy underneath it that supports it falls out, so you have to put it back and hope the burner still works and hasn’t burned your hand off.

Plus, we broke one of the cabinet doors in the kitchen.  Ooops.  Hope we don’t have to pay for it.  In our defense, it was very cheaply made, but it’s all our fault.  Happened while Vince was in Penn for Mike’s funeral, so I saved the door thinking that Vince could wood glue it when he came back, but he said it’s so cheaply made that he can’t fix it.  Oops.

Yesterday I was all gung ho and ready for people to come over and today I’m not.

WOrking on a freebie for ya, hope to have it up this eve.

That’s all I got today.  LOL.


Check out this Loveable gal!

Here’s Jenny, peeking out from under Quinn’s hat. I used Kim Brodelet’s Loveable kit for everything in the LO. I just love her stuff, it’s so refined and pretty. If you didn’t know better, you might think that Kim was a prim and proper lady. Well, check out her blog and you’ll find out different.
Kim laughs a lot.

Today I am sending in my “add me” to Bunny and the gals for Patty’s Kit. That’s the email that gives them all the details so they can put it up for sale in the store. I really want to SELL this one, so maybe I’ll give it a discount price. Then my next kit is going to be based off of a color swatch provided to me by the aforementioned Kim, and my coloUr challenge mini kits are always big hits, so I’m going into this one with the IDEA that it will do well. How’s that?

Anyway, late start today, lots of laundry to fold, and I forget if the Jehovah’s Witnesses are stopping by today or not. The were going to come by or call some time this week, I forget when. Not a big chance that I’ll go their way and renounce holidays and all, I loves me some holidays! But I have found blessings in their contacts with me so far, so I’ll keep talking to them, I suppose. Also today I want to take some time to work on my Believing God study. I’ve neglected it almost to death. LOL

Okay back to work.

Technically, it’s still a Sunday Freebie

cuz it’s still Sunday as I’m posting it!  I spent all day making the preview for Patty’s Warm Hug.  I will upload the kit to Bunny and the gals for QC tomorrow so I hope to have it released this week.  Of course Patty will get hers much sooner, probably tomorrow.  The kit is based on a quilt I have that my mom made.  It was in a picture that Patty saw she mentioned that she liked it, and I’d always thought that it would make a cool kit.  Only problem is that she saw the UNDERSIDE of the quilt in the pic, and I’ve used mainly the top of it for the kit, I really hope she likes it!  And I hope you like it, too.  🙂

The pattern Mom used to make the quilt was called “Flea Market” so I have kind of a junk store thing going on in the kit.  Kind of mismatched frames, junk jewelery, funky glass vases, etc.  Well.. here’s the preview for the full kit:

I think it’s cool, but then I made it, so.. I just hope that you peeps like it too.

Your freebie today is an amethyst alpha I made for the kit that I really love and am proud of, but I’m just not sure how readable it would end up being reduced down for anything but a big title, plus I LOVE VTKS fonts, but he usually only makes all caps, no punctuation or special characters, so I decided just to give you the alpha as a freebie.  It comes with a ribbon and a background that will be included in the kit.  Well, the background will, I’m still not sure about the ribbon.  LOL.  I am especially proud of the background, because I made it all by myself, not tuts or overlays or anything, just by playing around.  I think it’s super real looking.  Looks just like an ugly ol’ couch you’d have on the porch.

HERE’S YOUR FREEBIE!  Click on the preview to DL.

Pattys warm hug alpha FREEBIE

Enjoy, and have a super blessed Monday!