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I’m Back… To an Extent

Wow, well, here I am. LOL!
I feel like there is SO, so much to tell you all about our trip. Not like anything huge happened. We drove to Pennsylvania, it took two days. Then we visited, and drove home. Jenny is a fairly poor traveler- she cried, struggled in her seat, and on the way home, threw up. Atha, on the other hand, is an absolute champ. She barely even whined. As a matter of fact, one time that she DID whine, it was because of when Jenny threw up and Atha didn’t want to STOP the car for us to clean her up. I drove most of the way there because Jenny’s car seat is right behind the driver’s seat, and if she could see me she would cry for me to pick her up. So we found that the best way to go was for me to drive and for Vin to squeeze between the two carseats in back.
Umm… not much else to say about the drive except that we stayed at a Holiday Inn Express on the way back, and it was only about $5 more expensive than the Super 8 we stayed in on the way there, but ManOMan was it nicer!!! It had a king size bed and a jacuzzi tub, HOT BREAKFAST… nice. I would never have even driven up to it, but Vince wanted to check and see how much it cost, so I drove up. I gave him $80 and told him I wanted at least enough money back to buy dinner, and he came out with room keys!! For some reason, the clerk just gave us a big discount, I have no idea why. But hey, good for us, right?
The visit itself was nice, but bittersweet. It was great to see everybody. Atha especially really loved meeting her family, and I was very happy that she did, but now I feel bad because she’s talking about her sisters and Mea and saying she wants to see them, but I don’t know when that will happen again. They have a family reunion every June that we are going to try to go to, but I don’t know about this year. First of all, Vince just used up all of his leave for this trip. Second, Quinn graduates in May so I don’t see us having any money in June. But we’ll see.
I’d love to get all my pictures uploaded, and I’d love to have some freebies for you, but I came home to find a notice in the mail saying that I’d exceeded my internet usage cap for November. Whazzat? Usage cap? You mean like the minutes I used to pay for on AOL back in 1997? I was totally shocked to discover that there was a cap on my internet usage. I would never have signed up for the service if I’d known that. I had to make a bunch of calls and we are going back to our old provider starting the 11th. Some of you may remember that I had a dispute with them over them double billing us, well that is still ongoing. I don’t even feel like going into it.. gawrsh. It’s just that there are only two providers here on post, and I can’t possibly have a cap on my usage. KWIM? That’s one reason I’ve been so scarce, I don’t want to be charged for going over on my usage.
But we have the old, expensive service back on Friday, so I hope to have a freebie for you then.
And boy oh boy is it nice to be home!!



5 Responses

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you’re back safe and sound. I was starting to worry about you guys! I have a cranky teething baby that wont sleep in my arms, so typing is hard… but wanted to welcome you back and let you know you were missed! Short and sweet and to the point.. I think that’s new for me isn’t it?! LOL

  2. Hey pretty lady!!! Glad you are back safe and sound! I sure missed you! Our trip down to my mom’s was “fun ” too…Julie barfed all of the 22nd and the 23rd…thankfully we had packed her barf bucket in the car…she would just barf and say” It’s OK mom…its in the bucket…”…poor lambchop..

  3. Glad that you are back too. I knew that you were on vaca, didn’t know it was for that long. I too was worried. Sorry the baby’s not a good traveler. Heck you probally drove right by my house, Did you take 70 through Ohio? No, don’t tell me. Atha wouldn’t have let you stop anyway, lol.
    Have a great day.

  4. Welcome back, hon! Glad to hear the visit went well.

    Sorry to hear ’bout your internet issues… Seems like with all the discounts, etc. that the military get around here the service prodivers there would be giving some as well. ESPECIALLY if there are only two providers available… Hope you have a good day! [hugs]

  5. i love that layout… my favorite kind of family photo, slice of life… and i lvoe when God gives us those blessings like you got with the motel… and boy do i remember the first internet bill i got a billion years ago… i cancelled internet and it took 5 years before i went back, lol

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