Letters and Lotuses

Freebie Letters and Lotuses

Here’s your Friday Freebie!  It coordinates with the new Earth Angel Paper pack available now at DSO for only $2.06.  Now that’s a weird price!  LOL!  Right now I’m just going to give you the links, and ask you a question.  I’ll write more tomorrow.  Right now, I’m beat.

You get a full alpha (Upper and lower case letters plus numbers, but the only punctuation is an exclamation mark and a question mark, that’s all the font came with) plus three fun journal mats and three pretty lotus flowers.

Alpha and Lotus flowers 

Journal Mats 

Okay, here’s my question.  Anybody ever seen a baby’s gums get blue/black and really puffy when teething?  True to form, Jenny is cutting three molars at once.  It’s always an event with her.  The upper right one hasn’t broken the surface yet, but the gums are very swollen and blue/black.  If you think about it, teething has got to cause bruising, but I’ve just never seen it before.   Ugh what a day.  Well, at least she’s cheerful right now.. too bad it’s 11.  LOL!!

Gonna try to get her to calm down.  More tomorrow.


11 Responses

  1. I’ve never seen that in my 4 but it makes sense. Poor baby, that’s got to hurt. Maybe that’s why she wasn’t traveling well. I’ve been giving the baby a partially frozen wash cloth to chew on lately or a cold peeled whole carrot. I hope she feels better (and you get some rest, too :-))

  2. Hmmmm, I havent seen gum turn blue/purple with teething but my DS only got one tooth at a time (and that already was a huge problem for him……..ouch). If you really dont trust it, I would go to the doctor….just in case.



  3. Ouch! You might want to call your pediatrician or a local dentist just to ask about that, hon! Poor baby…

    I was just teasin’ ’bout the challenge set! LOL I mean – hey – I’ve got 20 more days to complete it, and 6 of those off! I assume you’ve got tons to catch up on being gone for 2 weeks. [hugs]

  4. Oh Poor thing that sounds painful! I have never heard or seen it before, But It could happen I guess, I’d ask the doctor. Hope you get it figured out !
    Thanks for visiting my blog, Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  5. Oh no, I’m so sorry your little one’s getting 3 teeth at once! Poor thing! Hang in there, and try to have a great day! 🙂

  6. That really does sound painful. I don’t remember any of my babyies’ gums turning blue or purple…just inflamed red. I agree, I would probably check with the pediatrician or maybe google it?

    Beautiful freebie btw 🙂

  7. Well you know we’re in the exact same boat with the teething here hon, so my best goes out to you and Jenny. It’s so hard on the baby and the Mom! (I really hate having to see her go through it 😦 ) Anyway, remember I told you Reagan’s first tooth was actually a molar (crazy!) but her gums were purple/blue and really puffy swollen before it broke through. With it being a molar and not the front tooth on a newborn lol…you can bet I hauled her cookies in to the Doc to have it checked out! I was told it was normal and just blood trapped under the tissue. I was also told not to freak out if when the tooth broke through she had a little bleeding due to the trapped blood finally being released. I don’t know if Jenny’s is the same, so don’t listen to me if you still feel like Jenny’s mouth just isn’t right, but in our case it was nothing to be concerned with…. hope that is the same for Jenny as well! Love the preview of todays freebie, can’t wait to play with them! I love journaling mats for some odd reason lol. Hope you have a great day and that Jenny gets some relief on those chompers! Reagan actually slept through the WHOLE night last night without waking up over those dang teeth!! Woo Hoo!! That was the first time in about 2 1/2 weeks due to her cold and molars… it was so nice to sleep for more than an hour lmao!!!

  8. I’ve never seen black and blue gums while a baby is teething, but my two teethed without my noticing – so maybe I’m not a good source of support!
    Thank you for your freebie – I LOVE the lotus flowers! Excellent!

  9. Thank you for the freebie love the alpha and the journaling mats can’t wait to use them!

  10. Pretty goodies!!!

    Sending squishes to a tired Momma and wee hugs to a teething princess….

    Love you!

  11. Thanks for the gifties! My firstborn was teething at the same time I was getting my wisdom teeth – your princess has my full sympathy! (And you, too, of course – I’m sure you aren’t getting the rest you need.) My dd always had a hard time teething – but for my 2 boys – it was always a surprise that seemingly overnight a new tooth had popped in! ((Hugs)) to you both!

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