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Manic Monday, to coin a phrase

Hello everybody.  Man oh man.  So Vince was a wonderful hubby and let me sleep BOTH NIGHTS this weekend.  It was awesome.  But what’s come of that?  Well, the poor things didn’t have anything that passes for a schedule anyway, ever since their daddy came home from Iraq.  Something keeps happening to interrupt their routine.  And after this weekend, nobody wants to sleep at night.  Jenny didn’t really fall asleep until 5 AM, GRRR!  But that’s when Vince has to get up.  I hope that he got some sleep, I tried to keep her out of the room when she was crying.  Anyway.  I’m all jumbled up.  Because finally Jenny and I were sleeping soundly, and Atha came in and woke us up at 10AM.  UM, WOW.  Now I feel like the day is half over, the dishwasher is full of clean dishes, every single toy the girls own is on the living room floor, plus I want to do some work for Scorpology (I’m doing some previews for Angel there, but didn’t do any last week due to the ISP issues), I NEED to finish Oh My Goth.. it’s been like a month I’ve been working on that one, and I think I need to make some hardware to round out the elements.  Elements stress me out.  Grrr. Plus I want to finish my Feb Mega for DSO, and I need to do some posting there, want to pass out the posting bonuses for this month so far,  also, I’m doing a bible study with Beth over at Concealed stars and I’m dying to read and respond to every single post on that board, I have a LO to post for Karla, plus I really feel like I’m just horribly behind as far as CT lo’s go for her, so I want to do a new one, but hey now it’s 11 and Vince will probably be home in about 45 minutes for lunch so I have to make something for him and….

I decided that nothing is on fire, the girls have clean diapers (actually, Atha’s been doing an awesome job of pee peeing in the potty!  Now if we could master Poo poo!) and have had breakfast, I decided just to sit down and blog.  *SIGH*  A good indication for me that things have gotten too hectic and I have to sit down and breathe is when I bark at Atha.  How’s this for something stoooooooopid?  I couldn’t find the remote, and I was getting all grumpy with Atha because she wasn’t helping me find it.  Okay, I’ll remind you that she’s gonna be 3 on Feb 23.  C’mon now!  How much help would she really be?  She does a great job of finding Jenny’s bottle when Jenny has dropped it somewhere, but really.
And now Atha is telling me she’s hungry for “macanoni cheese,” so I’d better get up and get that.
Oh, and the poor dog is still in her cage.  Oh, wow!
So much for my breather!
Hey, go over to my DSO store and take advantage of my January coupon!  Enter SHAKERBOX at checkout to get 20% off all of my products!  HOORAY!!!!



4 Responses

  1. whew! your blog makes me tired just reading about it! *lol*

    hope you get caught up and rested too!

  2. Oh boy – sounds like one of those days!

  3. Hope your day improves – I am exhausted just reading about it.

  4. Hiya beautiful!!!! Popping in to let you know I love you and was thinkin’ ’bout you today….

    Feel like updating the blogroll again?! (Bad wench…but this time it’s a permanent thing…drop by the new blog and see why…)

    Love you!

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