The Agenda

..for today is that we have our chaplain’s marriage enrichement seminar part two from 11-2pm, then Vince drops the girls and I off here at the house and reports for CQ, which means he’ll be gone all night and then back home again tomorrow morning.  The way Jenny’s being today I can’t believe the care providers at the seminar will be able to handle her.  She’d been fine, but is very whimpery and needy this morning.  In fact, I’m balancing her on my knee right now, and working hard to prevent her from making any of her own creative edits to the page.  LOL.  But I’m praying it goes well.  These seminars are just a huge blessing, and we really need it right now.   The first three or four months after deployment are generally great- it’s the homecoming, the second honeymoon.  It’s the second quarter after deployment when things get rough, and they are- well not rough- but at least hectic here.  So it’s nice to take this time to review communication strategies, etc.  I’m typing this while listening to Vince and juggling Jenny, hope it all makes sense.  LOL!!

I spent all day yesterday working on the preview for Oh My Goth.  Oh, and I also made some chain elements for it.  And I made the chain from scratch, I’m pretty proud of it!  Anyway, the computer we set up for downstairs is really slow and keeps telling me it’s low on virtual memory, so  the work went something like this: Open doc, go fold laundry for 5 minutes while I the doc opens.  Select portion of document and copy it, go put away dishes for 5 minutes while copied portion of doc loads.  Open copied portion of doc into preview and position layer,  go play with girls for 15 minutes while that happens.. then SAVE in case the cpu freezes.  Plus, you know how manic I was yesterday anyway.  SO it was a busy day, with not a lot happening if that makes sense.  I didn’t get a chance to check out the message board at the bible study at all, or to do my blog rounds like I would have liked.  I did get a very brief chance to check out a LO that Cate made with the Jan ColoUr challenge mini- Neopolitan, and it is really lovely.

Um, anyway, now I need to get up and get myself and the girls clean and ready for our day.  WHOO!  What a ride!

Oh, and yes there will be a Humpday freebie.  I’ll do that tonight.



9 Responses

  1. What rock have I been under? Haven’t been by lately and I don’t know why. Oh yeah, because you drove right by my house and didn’t hollar at me. Just kidding. Guess I need to get used to stopping back by again. Scream at me if I get lost again.

    Have a great day and terrific lo of your “cool girl” during your trip.


  2. Sounds like your computer downstairs is the pitts LOL

  3. Computers can be the pitts, can’t they? Mine decides to hiccup anytime I have a chat scheduled, I think it just wants to test my patience….lol! Enjoy and have a great one!

  4. Sorry about the computer, mine used to be like that until we upgraded a few things in it… used to be I couldn’t design ’cause the computer couldn’t handle me working in 300 dpi, only 200dpi as long as I didn’t have too many things open at the same time. Have fun today!

  5. And here I thought MY computer was slow! You’ve got me beat!

  6. Those seminars sound great!

    I hope she does ok with the child care people. It’s so hard when they are clingy and needy. Alyce has been like that for a week now. :o(

    Read my post yesterday! :o)

  7. Mornin’, hon! Thanks for the mention! It’s easy to create great LOs when you have great material! (Was that suck-uppy enough?!?! LOL)

    Hope your day goes well! [hugs]

  8. hang in there girlfriend, have you checked where your scratch disks are located sometimes that helps, and Tony fiddled with the hiberantion setting on my computer and now we are humming again…

  9. hope allwent well… i am goingto Bible study with tony now, see you later k?

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